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At night, when the lights began to shine, the prosperous city showed another scene.

Vivian, dressed in casual clothes, followed John to the tall building in front of her. She had an impulse to turn around and go.

In addition to the Imperial Hotel, there's another expensive five-star restaurant in Jin'an ---- Blue Bay Hotel.

The minimum price of a common appetizer is about 1400$, which is equal to her one-year salary, oh no, it should be equal to her three-year salary.

She knew how expensive the dishes were. When she worked in the past, she overheard the discussion of envy and jealousy from the shop assistants, she is a girl with a very limited outlook. Poverty limits her imagination.

Because she couldn't imagine why the bad dish was so expensive.

"Let's change to another place to have dinner." She couldn't afford the price, and she finally knew why he dressed formally.

John looked at Vivian's lovely expression and said with a smile, "Vivi, I have already decided to have dinner here. I know the owner of this restaurant. You don't need to pay for it."

Vivian looked down at her T-shirt and casual pants, and said, "John, let's change a place. I'll be kicked out if I go in like this."

Her clothes were "disheveled", generally, she was not allowed to be put in this kind of high-level place.

John hold her little soft hand and went inside. "It's OK. We are the only two in the restaurant."

Yeah! If there are only two of us in the restaurant, I don't need to care about what other people think of me. However, this is not the point. There are only two people, it means he booked a whole restaurant?!

Vivian's way of thinking was different from others, and she didn't pay attention to the key at all. "John, can we cancel it now? It's too expensive."

We are not celebrating going bankrupt. She would feel guilty if he paid.

John raised his pretty eyebrow and asked, "Don't worry about it. I can afford it. Don't you believe in my ability to make money?"

"Of course not. I just ..." There's no need to exaggerate like that.

"I've booked the restaurant. It's impossible to cancel it. You can't let me spend money and waste the food. Let's go." John said, pretending to be pathetic.

For the first time, Vivian found that gentle men's coquetry was also irresistible. Moreover, he said that he had paid for it and could not cancel it. If she didn't go, it would be a crime.

So, Vivian was convinced by John.

Blue Bay Hotel has its own characteristic, located on the top floor of the highest building in the city center, surrounded by transparent viewing windows. It is the best place to enjoy the night view of the city.

Quiet dining room, dim lights, a table by the window, there were candle lights, roses, and red wines on it.

Two waiters stood by to help set the dishes.

Vivian became uneasy after knowing it. She became slow after coming out of the hospital. She could say it's not that simple. It's a proposal!!

She was frightened by the bold assumption in her mind. Oh God no.

"Your dishes are ready, sir." The waiter said respectfully and left.

There were only two of them in the room.

Seeing Vivian's delay in moving his chopsticks, John asked with concern, "Vivi, why don't you eat them? Are these dishes not suitable to your taste?"

"No, no, it's just because these dishes look so beautiful. I can't bear to eat them." Vivian replied with an embarrassed smile. She would like to eat the tasty food normally.

Now thinking about what might happen next, nothing could interest her.

John paused and said, "Vivi, did I scare you?"

Vivian nodded her head hard and shook her head quickly, "No, let's eat quickly. It's going to rain."

John looked at the starry night sky, and at Vivian, who was a little anxious. Has she known his purpose?

Receiving his eager vision. Vivian immediately picked up the knife and fork to eat. She appeared to be hungry.

"Eat slowly, don't worry. Even if it rains, I will send you back safely." Besides, he checked the weather forecast and there would be no rain in the next three days.

"Well. Let's eat. It's delicious." Vivian thought that she couldn't take in. Eating the food was like chewing wax, which didn't exist.

The restaurant chose the best ingredients and three-star Michelin chef to cook. The price is high, but the dishes taste absolutely good.

John looked at her, as if she was really hungry, and swallowed the words. It's better to say it when she finished eating.

Vivian was very happy. Fortunately, she had made a fool of him. After dinner, she could leave on the plea of the hurt of her foot.

Then she could eliminate the embarrassment, and say it clear later. Perfect!

But she forgot that he was ready for it.

A few men in Spanish clothes, with violins around their necks, came over slowly while playing.

Vivian felt her head was getting big as a cow in an instant.

At this time, John also walked towards Vivian, took out a beautiful box from the pocket of his suit pants, and knelt down to Vivian on one knee.

He said to her solemnly and seriously, "Vivi, marry me."

It's really a proposal! Vivian had an impulse to jump through the window. Of course, if she wouldn't die, she would try.

"Jo... John, what are you doing?" Vivian stuttered when she spoke.

"Vivi, I know we haven't been together for long, but I've fallen in love with you since I was in college," he continued, his serious expression unchanged, "I know it's abrupt, but I've thought it over carefully."

"I hope I can protect you from any harm in my life, and I hope I can be your dependence, your harbor, and I hope I have the honor to support the family for you."

"Vivi, I love you, and I hope you can accept my proposal."

John was serious. Vivian was moved by his genuine love, that was all. She couldn't lie to herself, and John.

In fact, she couldn't forget William.

But she did not know how to refuse him without hurting him.

Just as Vivian was about to scratch her ears, she was "saved" by a ringing.

Vivian had never thought that the ring of her mobile phone would be as beautiful as the sounds of nature. She said with some apologies, "John, I'm sorry, I have a very important thing to deal with. I'll call you tomorrow."

After that, Vivian drifted away like the wind. If the doctor saw it, he would not believe she was a patient who had been disabled not long ago, and now she had disappeared like the wind.

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