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After bloodletting, Vivian was no different from a deflated ball. She leaned on the headboard and one of her foot, which was wrapped like a pig's feet, was hung in the air.

If this man named William was not around her, she might be in a better mood.

Since he entered the hospital, he hasn't uttered a word. His face was black like a thundercloud.

Waiting and waiting, Vivian thought William would leave wisely, but he just didn't leave and still looked at her with those dark eyes that were like bottomless pools.

Well, William has never been shy about looking at her.

Vivian thinks that she should say something at the moment. In the first few hours, she was almost compensated by body. The result is no success, but hasn't the man in front of her gone through the process?

So, is this a pass?

William put out the hope in her eyes directly, "don't think it's so easy to muddle through."

She'd better stay honestly and don't say anything so as not to make him angry again.

But Vivian didn't seem to understand William's face, or she didn't notice, and still said, "William, I have agreed to your request, but finally you gave up this right."

It is not easy for her to persuade herself to be hogged by a pig. If she fails, her labor will be wiped out.

William replied succinctly, "OK."

"Well, then you agree." Vivian's eyes brightened, but when she saw William trying to unbutton his shirt, she immediately became nervous and asked, "what are you doing? This is a hospital!"

William, who has a vivid look, is a beast.

William's face become expressionless and said, "Since you are in such a hurry, I will fulfill my promise."

After a pause, he said softly, "Hospital, it's OK."

"Wait, wait, I don't agree. Let's talk, talk." Vivian just wanted to get away with it. She didn't really want to talk to him, and how would she listen to William.

It seemed that she was so hungry and thirsty that she had to pester him when she was injured.

William seemed to really listen to her. He adjusted his collar slowly and looked at her, "Talk."

Vivian's mouth twitched. The man in front of her didn't really want to take off his clothes, but intentionally posed like this to scare her.

Devious and wicked.

But if she really has to sleeps with William. She can't cross the barrier in her heart.

Cleared throat, deliberately put out a serious expression and said, "William, I can't agree your condition, and I can't do anything against morality and ethics."

"I can accept all other conditions."


"I know you... Wait, what are you talking about?

William agreed happily, but Vivian didn't respond well. He was so kind-hearted as a lawyer that didn't strive for the best interests for himself.

There's no reason.

Sure enough, she saw that William had something to say, "I can answer your request, but you must answer me a question."

Vivian just wanted to agree, thinking of the previous lessons, she was careful to prove, "not against ethics?"

Seeing William nodding, Vivian dared to continue to answer, "then ask."

"Vivian, did you hide something from me?"

"No." William's subconscious answer, she also found that she was too worried, more deliberate, and her tight back slowly leaned back.

Calmly said, "I don't know why you think so, but I've been with you for so long, do I hide it? You're the clearest."

Speaking of the bright eyes, Vivian did not dodge his cold dark eyes. She silently warned herself that she must not gave herself away in front of William.

How shrewd and terrible the man is, she has learned in her heart three years ago.

For a moment, William almost believed Vivian's words, but just almost.

It has to be said that her mood is well hidden, even her expression looks serious. If it wasn't for her pupils to shrink, she would have revealed the deepest tension in her heart.

I really cheated him.

At first, he was not curious about what Vivian had concealed from him, but saw her feeling of being close to the enemy. His intuition told him that the secret concealed by this woman was absolutely related to him.

What would that be.

William couldn't understand, and was not eager to know for a while. He took back his eyes slowly. "You're OK alone?"

"Yes, yes." The instinctive response of Vivian.

When William left the ward, Vivian still felt his heart beating in his ear. Looking at William's appearance, he should have believed her words. Fortunately, she finally concealed him.

Vivian relaxed her tense nerves then. She breathed out a long breath and patted his chest. "It's really frightening."

She understood why those weekly magazines described William as a god of war in court, powerful and intimidating.

Wait, she seemed to forget an important thing. Just now, William said that he would only answer one question if he agreed to the terms. It seems that he didn't say that the question offset one condition.

Turning around, she not only answered a question for free, but also failed to complete a condition.

Vivian held the sheet angrily, as if it's not the sheet in his hand, but the evil-minded man.

"William, you scheme me!"

William did not leave the ward immediately, listening to a murmur of complaints coming out of the ward, his mouth hooked, and soon disappeared in his cold eyes.

No matter what Vivian conceals, he had more important things to deal with at present now.

When William found out the big secret that Vivian had hidden desperately, he will definitely regret today's arbitrary decision.

Vivian thought that she would spend the long and boring night alone. In fact, she was lying in bed and soon felt sleepy.

Within minutes, she went to play chess in her dream.

When she woke up and looked at the white walls around her, she remembered that she was hospitalized yesterday.

Vivian fumbled to take out his mobile phone from under the pillow. Several messages and phone calls are missed, including three or four messages from Angie and more than a dozen calls from John.

It's almost ten o'clock when I see my cell phone. No wonder I'm in a hurry. Yesterday she asked him to come here in the morning and take her to the hospital.

Vivian quickly called him back.

Just after the phone rang, John connected. "Vivi, where are you? Are you not feeling well?"

"I'm fine. I'm worrying you." Vivian's were a little worried. No matter what she did wrong, John always thought of her health at the first time.

This sincere feeling, pressed on her heart, made her very uneasy.

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