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She is not a traded product or a clearly marked product. This feeling made Vivian feel so humble......

"I'm not the woman who sells their body. William, please, let me go."

The air suddenly quieted down, and the dark eyes of lust in the night were replaced by cold air. She even said she was a woman who sold.

"PSST-", a cracked voice. Vivian felt cold on his body. She was stunned by what William had done. He waved and beat the rude man in front of him. "William, what are you doing? Stop it. Stop doing this to me."

William didn't hear her cry of grievance. With a sense of punishment, he roughly tore off her clothes and said in a low and charming voice, "Vivian, this is your own choice. Have you forgotten?"

Again? Is that the reason why she should be treated in such a humiliating way? Vivian's eyes turned red, and she didn't speak any more. She was just like a wood, letting William do whatever he wants.

Because of the hard struggle on her feet, she was so painful that she was almost unconscious of the pain. Since she really couldn't escape, she would follow his wishes and think of it as be bitten by the dog. Anyway, it's not the first time. Why should she be so tangled?

She should feel happy. After all, not everyone's body is worth so much money. Just three conditions. Bear it and it'll be over.

Isn't it?

But why, she felt so brokenhearted that she was suffocating.

All of a sudden, the weight of his body was gone. Vivian was still wondering.

Standing beside the bed, William said in a cold voice, "I'm not interested in a piece of wood. Put away your hypocrisy."

Vivian grabbed the quilt and retreated to the head of the bed. Her ankle hurt so much that she can't help but pour out a cold breath. But after a while, she felt her whole foot swollen.

There was also a stream of hot and humid things trickling from her feet.

Vivian's hair stood upright with slight pain, her face turned white and her lips was bitten with blood. Even so, she didn't want to let William know.

Because she didn't want to let William think that she was carrying out some sympathy-getting ploy.

The dark place makes people nervous, but also makes other senses more acute. Let alone William, who has always been like that. Vivian's subtle breath did not escape his ears.

Originally, he just let himself not care. He thought of the sullen hum when he just threw her on the bed, and his face changed slightly.

Is her foot hurt? William's face looks ugly. He remembers that Vivian was carried back.

Is it possible that she was picked up because her foot was hurt?

"PATA", the lamp in the bedroom was turned on, and Vivian couldn't adapt to the strong light at once. Instinctively, she closed his eyes and waited for the adaptation period to pass.

"Damn it." Suddenly a burst of loudly shout scared Vivian. Suddenly, it seemed like something was coming to mind. Subconsciously, she had to hide her feet in the quilt.

"Don't move." There was another voice that implied that anger was about to break out.

William's blue tendons on his forehead kept beating when he saw the sight. The white bedspread was dyed red in many places, and her small and delicate feet were swollen with blood.

The wound was still bleeding, and everywhere looked so shocking, and the damned woman has a ridiculous expression.

Without a word, William picked her up and walked out of the door. His thin lips were tight, bearing some emotions about to erupt.

Vivian saw William's fierce expression for the first time. She even felt that if she opened her mouth, she would be swallowed alive by this man.

Because he's a face that's about to eat her.

During the whole process, William said nothing, silently put Vivian in the position of the copilot, silently pulled the seat belt for her, and silently returned to the cab to start the car.

This kind of silence makes Vivian unconsciously roll her throat. Now William looked terrible. She opened her mouth and wanted to say something.

Receiving the frozen vision, he shrank back, put his hands in the front unconsciously, and his back stood up, just like a student waiting for the teacher's criticism.

What a terrible man. William looks cold at ordinary times, but it's still normal. Now he's the Asura incarnate.

When the car was started, the narrow space in the car was still silent.

Vivian, is clearly the injured person. But why William is the man to get angry finally? What does he mean?

Along the way, Vivian had a hard time. At last, she came to a conclusion that William was definitely trying to make her uncomfortable, so he used this method to deal with her coldly.

When the car stopped at the door of the hospital, Vivian began to think about what exactly was he doing. Wasn't he angry to leave? Now he kindly sent her to the hospital.

Who said that women's hearts are more complicated than men's?

A coat came down from the sky, accompanied by the man's cold voice, "put it on."

"I'm not cold..." The next second Vivian came into contact with William's eyes. She put her clothes on immediately and felt a lot warmer.

William retract the gaze, carried her out of the car and walked to the hospital.

Vivian was blankly letting William hold herself. When the cold wind blew, it seemed that she suddenly understood William's intention. She was still wearing that black dress, and it was roughly torn by William. If she didn't wear a coat, she would definitely reveal too much.

Her eyes became more complicated and she asked in her heart.

----What exactly do you mean, William.

Why is she getting less and less understood about him? He is clearly with Angie, but he is unwilling to draw a clear line with herself.

When Vivian sat on the chair in the emergency room, she still can't figure it out, but when she heard the old Chinese doctor talking, she had no more thoughts.

"Congestion and edema, let's do bloodletting first."

"Doctor, I want conservative treatment!" Vivian said seriously with a face. She didn't even have the courage to look at William. She wasn't really afraid of pain.

She was afraid of the feeling of knife cutting, which was the aftereffect of giving birth to Roe.

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