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Ellison's expression suddenly changed. He pursed his lips and couldn't make up his mind. William's words were the same as the top lawyer he hired from abroad. Ellison could not win the lawsuit at all.

He could only do his best to reduce his loss, but what's the difference between William and those lawyers?

"It seems that you have no idea about this little trouble too."

"Since it's a small problem, of course there are solutions." William casually replied. The "old fox" wanted to get the solutions by taunting him.

Ellison was a little surprise, but William didn't say it out. Now he was not easy to ask him again.

Alan also saw the expression on his friend's face, and he said amiably, "William, since you have ideas, it's better to say it and help Uncle Ellison."

"Yeah, Uncle Ellison took good care of me when I was a child. You can tell him." Angie heard that they were just small troubles for William. She who wanted William to perform well also urged him.

Ha, small troubles. Alan wanted him to deal with the case that involved dozens of people's lives -- need only a slight effort.

"As long as you are willing to appease the lower level, how can they cause these troubles?" It was OK if Ellison wanted his help. But he didn't know whether he would like to pay for it.

It was not surprising that Ellison suddenly became a little stiff. What William said was the most difficult way. He would lose a lot of money.

But it could keep his company's reputation and image.

In contrast, the money was not worth mentioning, but Ellison was still deeply distressed by such a large number of money. He still said gratefully, "You are indeed the invincible lawyer in the city. I admire you."

William smiled as a response. There was no fluctuation in his indifferent eyes.

Others saw Ellison suddenly became polite to William, they became silent.

Next was the things no more than making a toast to each other on the scene and a few compliments.

Alan looked at William thoughtfully.

Angie was the happiest here. It seemed that her father and her several uncles were very satisfied with William's performance. She had said that she had a good taste. William was the best man.

The party was almost over. Angie watched Alan leave with William. There were only two of them in the empty place.

"William, where... where are we going?" Angie intentionally drank a lot of wines in the party tonight. Now, her face became red and was like peach blossom. She had a charming look and her voice was soft and weak.

William's cool voice said lightly, "I will send you back."

Angie frowned, leaned on William's arms and exhaled as orchid, "Honey, I want to stay with you tonight."

What she said was so clear, William should understand.

William glanced at the coquettish woman in his arms and held her up with no distractions. He said in a calm voice, "Angie, you are drunk."

"..." Angie was anxious. She was not drunk, and she was very sober. Anyway, William must stay tonight.

"William, well, take me back first."

Going back didn't mean that he couldn't stay. Her father wouldn't go back tonight. Her mother went back to her mother's place. Tonight, there were only two of them.

William pretended that he didn't know Angie's plan and sent Angie back to without staying.

Angie, who pretended to be drunk, froze for a moment, and saw that William had quickly walked out of the gate. She suddenly stood up from the sofa and hugged William's back.

"Honey, don't go, stay with me."

Angie said almost imploringly. Why did he ignore her hints? Is the smell of pillows in his apartment really important to him?

"I'll read a copy tonight. You can go to bed early." His heart won't be softened.

"William, don't you really love me?" Angie turned to him. No man could resist such a weak and helpless woman.

She could feel that William's back became stiff, and she knew that William would not be so cruel to her.


William was not softened, but a little shaky. The woman in front of him seemed to be another person. That stubborn woman who was not easy to shed tears. Slowly, his eyes became clear again.

Gently loosing her hand, he said, "Angie, if you want to repair the feelings between us, don't be too radical."

Finish saying, he stepped over the side of Angie, and went into the boundless darkness.

After a while, there was a sound of engine outside the door, and the car disappeared at the gate of Angie's house.

Angie sat on the ground and looked at the figure to disappear. So, still can't she?

The coolness on the ground penetrated her body bit by bit. No, she could not let him go. She must find out the woman in his apartment.

And William didn't refuse completely, did he? He just didn't want sex with her now.

Willian must be still angry. She broke up with him at that time, so he couldn't be with her so soon.

She would try to make William fall in love with herself again.

On the other side, Vivian, who was sent back by that man, sat on the sofa, liked a criminal waiting for execution. She knew that she would die, but had to wait for death in fear.

This mental torture was more terrible than death.

"Drriinnggg!" "Drriinnggg!"

Two quick cell phone rings made her scared. He finally came. She picked up her mobile phone and took a look. Seeing John's name, she was relieved.

"Hello... John... What's wrong?"

"Vivi, tell me the floor you are on. I'll come up to see you." John's car was parked downstairs of the apartment. He tried hard to search for that image from the lights of thousands of homes.

Vivian, with one foot, looked down from the thick curtain seams. John was downstairs. She was moved and a little nervous.

William knew where she lived. What if he met John? She couldn't let John get involved in it.

"John, I've already slept. It's so late. You'd better go back."

"Vivi, I know you didn't sleep. Why did you hide from me? Because of him?" John, half leaning on the car, said to the woman over the phone dispiritedly.

He was not stupid. He could tell the sound of sleeping.

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