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Vivian called William "old fox" in her heart, but she was in a daze, "What's wrong, Angie?"

"Oh, I just heard someone say that Eric was hurt and sent to the hospital, but I don't know what happened." Angie told them the news she heard from others.

Vivian nodded slightly to show that she was not so curious, so Angie didn't take it seriously.

Only John looked at William's expression thoughtfully.

"What happened to you guys? Why you guys become dumb at the same time?" Angie complained unhappily. How strange they are tonight! William and Vivian were strange, so was John!

This feeling of being excluded made her very uncomfortable. Obviously, she was the focus tonight.

The glass lamp on the top suddenly darkened, replaced with a warm and soft lamp. The explanation of the three people was omitted. The organizer on the stage also announced that the party was in the final stage, which was also the dance party that Angie had been waiting for a long time.

With the music playing slowly, Angie forgot it quickly. Excitedly, she held William's arm and said, "William, the dance has begun. Let's dance."

"OK." William didn't refuse and followed her steps.

Angie didn't forget to urge, "Vivi, hurry up, or I might be the queen of tonight's dance party."

John bent down and reached for her hand, made a very gentlemanly movement, and said softly, "My princess, do I have the honor to invite you to dance?"

Vivian put her hand in his hand and jokingly said, "John, I prefer you to call me Syndra's stepmother."

John was shocked, and then his smile became deeper. The person he liked was really different. All girls want to be princesses, but she wants to be stepmother. She's lovely.

They followed the crowd and walked slowly to the dance floor. Maybe the light was too dark. Each pair of dancing men and women didn't know who was next to them. They could only see their nearest partner.

Beautiful and pleasant music, in this hazy and ambiguous atmosphere, extended a different mood.

In fact, dancing is also a simple ballroom dance. It's possible to exchange partners at a certain stage, which is the root of the charm of ballroom dance.

"Vivi, have you said you can't dance well? You are modest." John danced with Vivian for several minutes, only to find that her dance steps were very accurate, even more refined than his dance.

As if to prove John's words, Vivian stepped on his feet at once, "Oh, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry that I stepped on your feet."

"It doesn't matter. You just need to keep the pace." John was good-tempered. It may be an illusion. She had stepped on him for several times since he finished his words.

Actually, Vivian didn't feel sorry but a little relieved. She almost exposed the fact that she can dance!

In fact, she is a very talented dancer, but for some reasons, she can't choose her own preferences.

Fortunately, John didn't find out. Vivian felt embarrassed and said, "I'm too stupid to dance. I won't mind. You can find others to dance with you. I'll find a place to wait for you."

John leaned on Vivian and said softly in her ear, "It's OK. It doesn't hurt. I'm willing to endure it."

Vivian's face turned red and didn't know what to say.

As the music suddenly became heated, it was a signal to exchange partners.

Vivian's hand was released as she rotated. When she came back to her mind, she had already fallen into another embrace.

Cold breath with a hint of smoke, the familiar smell that made her trembling.

Why she would run to William? So now Angie was staying with John?

"Dancing with me will make you distracted?" His sweet voice was gripping.

It was like a stone falling on the calm and waveless lake, rippling the water, "Why it's you?"

"Why not?" William asked in a low voice, his hot breath was around her ears, and her ears became hot.

This man must be on purpose! Then don't blame her for being rude.

When she stepped on John, Vivian only stepped on him symbolically, without any effort. When it was William's turn, she was rude. It seemed that she was venting her inner dissatisfaction.

The man opposite her was annoyed for several times. She wore her eight- centimeter high-heeled shoes today. She was not joking. She pretended to be very sorry and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, Mr. William."

William made a sudden effort. The two people who were close to each other were like sticking together without any gap. His cold voice with the magic of demagogues, "It doesn't matter. I don't mind."

Vivian was so angry. William must do it on purpose, and his hands were there... "Mr. William, don't mess with me."

"What did you say? Respect, like this? Or is that?" William said, touching her smooth back with his hand, and slowly put his hand down.

"Enough..." Vivian was shaking when she spoke. His hand was almost there!

"Well, John taught you like this just now." Vivian was getting angry, but she didn't notice William's cold eyes when he said that.

Vivian seemed to be deliberately angry with William, affectedly sweet, "Hum, John is not so frivolous as you are, he respects me."

So, John didn't touch her back like him. His frown relaxed a little and he didn't care her words, "Well, it seems that Mr. John is nice."

That's right, but Vivian always felt that it was so weird for him to say it, she can't refute him, so she just stopped talking.

However, it seemed that William did not intend to let her go. He said in a low voice, "Do you remember the three agreements you promised me?"

Her soft back suddenly became stiff because of William's words.

William touched her tight back and said, "It seems you haven't forgotten."

"What do you want?" Not only Vivian's back was stiff, but also her voice.

"Stay with me tonight." William's hoarse and mellow voice clearly came into Vivian's ears.

"No way."

Vivian refused him without thinking. What does this man treat her as? A casual woman who comes and goes at his order? She had made a clear distinction with him and he had stayed with her best friend.

Now, when he said this, Vivian still felt a little nervous. He really didn't care about her.

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