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Vivian cried out in fear and sat up suddenly from the bed. A layer of cold sweat came out all over her body. Roe was still sleeping beside her.

Out of the window, the sky was still gray, the sun had not risen, but Vivian couldn't sleep again. She had been looking at Roe's sleeping face, as if only in this way can she feel at ease.

It was almost ten o'clock after Roe finished taking the drip. Vivian sent him back and had a meal at Grandma's home.

Grandma saw Roe come back excitedly, she also put on a happy smile, "That's OK, if you have no trouble."

"Grandma, I went to the zoo with my mom yesterday. There are many kinds of animals there!" Roe followed her grandmother and talked about the animals he saw.

Grandma's head was covered with silver hair and wrinkles. She always looked at Roe kindly with a smile. She seemed to listen carefully to the news he told about.

Vivian cleaned up the old house silently, listened to Roe's childish words, and repeated the things she needed to do every time she came back, her heart was also calm down.

"Roe, talk with grandma, and I'll cook." As long as Vivian stayed at home, she would cook on her own initiative.

Grandma knew Vivian's character. She looks gentle and quiet, in fact, she is more stubborn than anyone.

"Well." Roe replied with a clear voice.

Vivian showed a smile on the corner of her mouth. There was no gas stove in the kitchen, but the local stove. She needed to burn firewood to cook. She wanted to change the stove long ago.

But Grandma said that she was not used to using the gas stove. She also worried that it would be troublesome if the gas leaked, because there were only Roe and herself in the house.

Fortunately, some people in the village were glad to send firewood in her house regularly, as long as she gave a little money.

Vivian was quite busy at the kitchen, soon she finished cooking the rice and put it on the table.

They sat together to eat, Roe appeared to be particularly lively and cheerful.

After dinner, Roe stayed in the room by himself. There were books, pictures and many other gadgets that she bought for him in the room.

Grandma helped Vivian clean up the kitchen, then they began to talk.

"Vivi, when can Roe have the operation?"

"Almost. I've got in touch with the doctor. I'll take Roe out with me when I'm informed." Vivian brushed the bowls with her head down.

Grandma sat beside the stove and sighed, which made her old voice heavier. "Vivi, I don't want to blame you, you are smart and sensible, how can you make this low-level mistake?"

"You are still young. You can't live alone with Roe all your life. Your parents must be angry if they know your situation." Grandma sighed heavily.

"Are you going to hide the truth from Roe all your life?"

"Grandma, I am so sorry to let you worried about it. Roe is not a mistake. He is the most important treasure in my life." Vivian knew that grandma would definitely mention this matter again, and she answered as usual.

"Vivi, I am getting old. I don't know how long I can live. I used to worry about you most, now I worry about you and Roe. I leave nothing. Your grandpa only left an old house. What if I leave?"

Grandma certainly didn't think Roe was a mistake, but she knew how hard it was for a woman to raise a child by herself.

Vivian's eyes were sore, her tears almost fell down, she sniffed, and said in a hoarse voice, "Grandma, you're sure to live to a ripe old age. I can support our family on my own."

"Well, if your parents hadn't been out for business, they wouldn't have let you alone." Vivian was sensible, but she couldn't do anything about it. Life is always so realistic.

"Grandma, Roe will soon be cured. At that time, I will not only earn money to support you, but also save money to buy a big house and take you back. Everything will be OK. Don't worry about me."

In order not to let Grandma worry, Vivian pretended to be optimistic.

"No, no, how can you be so young and never marry? Roe is still young and needs a father. You don't care about yourself, and don't you care about Roe either?" Grandma shook her head disapprovingly.

Since Vivian was suddenly pregnant and came back, there had been rumors in the village. Vivian didn't want to talk about it, so Grandma had not asked her for many years.

Vivian had washed the last bowl, cleaned up the stove, she took off her apron and jokingly said, "Grandma, don't worry. If Roe wants a father, I will find someone to marry."

She never thought about it, it was not the proper time. Roe's operation is the most important thing.

"You are the same old. You should marry someone you like. How could you be so hasty?" Grandma said in a loving and doting voice.

Marry some she like? That cold and handsome face suddenly appeared in her mind, and soon she dismissed this ridiculous idea. She herself didn't know how bitter her smile was.

That man, she tried hard to let him love her, but he didn't, not even a bit, how could she marry him?

Vivian smilingly helped Grandma out and played with Roe in the room for a while. She took out a pile of money from her bag and gave it to Grandma to buy some delicious food.

Grandma didn't want it, "I know you work hard. Don't give me the money. I still have some money."

"Take it, Grandma, I can earn money, this is just bonus, I have my salary." Vivian pressed the money on Grandma.

Grandma sighed helplessly. It was OK if she didn't care about her future, she can be at will, but she can't implicate the child.

Roe also knew that Vivian was going to leave. He knew that he should not stop Vivian, but his body had given a response.

Vivian looked down and saw that he was holding her hand and his stubborn and restrained expression. She was so upset that she wanted to go with Roe, but she couldn't.

"Roe, are you reluctant to let me go?"

Roe lowered his head and gritted his teeth without saying anything.

Vivian had to squat down and look at him. Looking at his red eyes, she was very painful. "I don't want to leave you, too. I promise that I will take you back."

"Really?" Roe almost burst out crying. He didn't want to part with her mom again.

"Yes, I promise." Vivian had thought about it. It's better to take Roe to the city than to leave him in the countryside. In case he was ill, she couldn't suffer the consequences. She was thinking of a considerate plan.

"Okay." Roe reached out and held little fingers with each other.

Grandma turned her head, and her eyes were moist.

Vivian left slowly in the reluctant eyes of Grandma and Roe.

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