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Only when seeing others playing with their parents, Roe felt envy. But he is good at covering his envy up.

After all, he was still a child. Vivian could see it even if he pretended to be fine, but she couldn't tell him the truth. When he was older, she would tell him everything.

When the car stopped at the gate of the provincial hospital, Vivian put away her vulnerability and became strong again. She took $500 out of her bag and gave it to the driver. "Sir, thank you." she said.

"You don't have to pay that much. $200 for gas is fine. You have a kid and have to spend more money." The driver didn't charge so much, so he took $200 dollars as a token.

"Sir, it's okay. You deserve it." Vivian is even more sorry for his trouble.

"I charge you $200, it is also enough to earn, the child is still sick, to go to a hospital in a hurry."

The driver is nearly 50 years old, and he has a child at home who is about at the same age as Vivian. Considering that she is independent engough to support her family while his daughter at home can only act in pettish and ask for money.

Vivian saw the driver insisted not to accept, also did not continue reluctantly. After thanking for the driver, she declined to driver's kindness, holding Roe off into the hospital.

In the evening, only the emergency department was available. Vivian was carrying a baby and a bag, and she had to pay the money, registered and went to the doctor.

After finishing all the things, she also gave a layer of sweat. Even if tired and her heel was pain, she did not show at all.

Vivian waited for the doctor to take the stethoscope off Roe and nervously asked, "Doctor, how's the baby?"

"Nothing serious, he just caught a cold, the baby is weak so the high fever does not retreat, and he needs to take an injection of antipyretic."

The doctor paused and said pityingly," You must have known that the child has a heart problem. You should bring him early. It would be a problem if it developed into pneumonia."

"I know. I've failed in my duty. I'll take care of him later." Vivian listened to the doctor and felt a little scared. If Roe's fever turned into pneumonia, she would certainly delay the later operation. In that case, she might not have the money to wait for a chance.

The doctor saw that Vivian was so late, alone with her child, sweating profuse and unable to take a rest, so he asked the nurse to help.

Vivian thanked him and went with the nurse to the ward.

Thanks the doctor over and over again, Roe got a needle. During the whole process, Roe did not cry. When the needle was inserted into the back of his hand, he just frowned in order not to let Vivian worry about it.

At night, there were only two patients the ward with them.

Vivian called her grandmother and told her something about Roe. Finally, she had a rest. When she stood and walked, she didn't feel anything.

Vivian saw Roe looking at her with bright eyes and without unnecessary changes in his face.

"Is it hurt here, Roe?" Vivian fingered her chest.

"No." Roe shook his head.

He always knew that his health was not good, and he could not do vigorous exercise like other children. It had become a routine for him to take injections and take medicine, but he did not want his mother to worry, so he behaved bravely all the time.

"Well, are you still sleepy? If you want water or food, please tell me." Vivian was relieved. As long as it wasn't a heart attack, there might not be anything wrong.

Roe said cleverly in a childish voice, "Mom, I am neighther sleepy, nor thirsty."

Vivian saw desire and a sense of embarrassment from Roe's pure eyes. She thought for a moment and immediately understood what he was thinking. Pretending to ask, "Roe, can mother hug you to rest?"

He was clearly very excited, but just nodded shyly, "Hmm."

Vivian smiled, took off her shoes, threw off the quilt and leaned over. The small bed of about two meters is crowed for Vivian and Roe, so they leaned close together.

Roe was very happy and smiled secretly, smelt the taste of his mother, and settled down.

Vivian carefully avoided Roe's pricked arm, leaned half of the body against the bed, tucked his tiny body into her arms, and tucked him in carefully. Because he had a fever, he couldn't be exposed to the wind.

Roe's face turned to Vivian and he whispered, "Mom, the doctor said I'll have to stay here for days...."

Then maybe he can stay with his mother for a few more days.

"Well, you stay with mom for a few days and then go back when you are better." Vivian was thinking about that, too. Fortunately, she had moved back from her apartment, and she had just had quarrel with William.

What's more, William and Angie must be in "hot love" period at present, He probably doesn't want to see her. She thought.

Just to be more careful ,then this thing won't be discover.

Roe was happy to hear that and said "Yes" in the heart, "Well, mom can accompany me for several days. Sometimes being sick is very good, at least mom will accompany me in the side. Although I want to be sick all the time, but my mother must be worried bad, well, just a few days."

"Well, mom, I'll be good." He said.

Roe's slight voice, like a small cat afraid of being abandoned, Vivian was moved again, deliberately lifted a light smile on her face and said, "When Roe finishes the treatment tomorrow, shall we go to the zoo together?"

"Wow, I can go to the zoo with mom." Roe said excitedly.

"Well, now Roe can have a good sleep and have the energy to go out with me tomorrow." Vivian answered with a smile.

"Well, mom, I'm going to bed, and you're going to bed early, too." Hearing that he could go to the zoo with his mother tomorrow, Roe's voice was much more cheerful.

Vivian nodded and fell asleep with her arms around his body.

In the morning, Vivian woke up to find the baby in her arms still sleeping. And she felt happy and smiled.

She went out to buy breakfast alone, by the way, she asked for day off with an excuse. When she returned to the ward, she saw Roe sitting on the bed unhappily, surrounded by a few nurses who are still standing to persuade him.

"Little boy, your mother will soon come back."

"Lovely, we hang on drug first, ok?"

"I will be careful not to hurt you."

Roe kept silent stubbornly, it seemed that if Vivian does not appear, he is determined not to take the treatment. The nurses had nothing to do with the little boy.

He is so lovelt that they don't have other ideas for him.

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