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Vivian's steps were a little untidy as she ran toward a shabby old house. She almost tripped over her feet several times, stumbled without stopping, and finally reached the place.

"Grandma, how's Roe?"

When Vivian's grandma, Carry came out of the room, she saw Vivian, whose hair was a little messy and whose breath was unsteady. She felt distressed and said, "Vivi, Roe is sleeping now, but he still has a high fever.

"I know, grandmother, you are so tired, I will take care of Roe."

Looking at her old grandmother, whose hair was all white, Vivian still felt a pang of grief. At her age, she was not only unable to enjoy happiness, but also had to work hard to raise her children. It was really unfilial of her.

"I am fine, as long as you two can be healthy, grandma is satisfied, Roe is still in the house." Carry said kindly.

Vivian nodded and opened the door. It was an old, simple room with only a few simple furnishings. The pale bedspread showed the simplicity of the room.

He is only three years old, but he has to bear the pain, which is because of her carelessness.

If there had been a regular pregnancy test, she would have known about her baby's condition in advance. Of course, she would not have been able to give up the baby, but would have been more careful and would not have let him be given birth so early.

Vivian did not think much. She took a small quilt from the bed and held the little person in her arms. The weight in her hands was so light that her heart ached.

In order to hide traces during these three years, but also quietly to prevent the William, she sneaked back to the countryside, accompanied a few days, and to hurry back to the city.

When she left, Ruirui's eyes made her feel guilty and heartache, but she also had no way.

Vivian looked at her grandmother and said, "Please don't send us. I will take Roe to the hospital. At night, you can't see the way."

"All right, Vivi, watch your step." Carry also wants to follow, but she was so old that she cannot walk actively. She cannot help if she went with them, there may be a drag on her, so she gave up.

"Well, I see, grandma." Vivian walked a long way and could feel her gentle and loving eyes watching her leave.

At that moment, Vivian was less likely to cry again.

When the driver saw Vivian holding a child, he quickly got off the car and opened the door for them. He asked, "Miss, the child is sick. Why are you alone?"

Vivian looked at him with a small, natural look and said gratefully, "Thank you. He is my son Roe. He has a fever, so I came back to take him to the hospital."

The driver looked at Vivian's calm expression, knew he had asked the wrong question and didn't say anything, closed the door, got back in the cab and started the car.

A little girl who came back to the countryside to pick up the child without father to go to the hospital alone, the driver sighed and it was clear that there was a deep emotional vortex of the silly girl.

Vivian knew what the driver was sighing for, but she had no desire to explain. She was committed to raising her child, no matter what anyone else thought.

Maybe there are some bad on the way. Roe, who has fallen asleep, opened his eyes in a daze and saw Vivian, who was holding her. "Mom, you have come back to pick up Roe."

"Well, Roe, how are you feeling? "Vivian raised her hand and touched Roe's forehead. It was hot! Roe's body temperature is still only high.

Roe shook his head and whispered, "Mom, I don't feel bad, just a little hot."

"Roe is lovely, mom will take you to the hospital, you will be all right soon. "The child's understanding made Vivian feel even more sad.

In spite of her lack of energy, Roe still felt dizzy in her mind. He stared at Vivian's face with her big, pure eyes. He seemed afraid that her mother would disappear in a blink of an eye.

He has not seen his mother for a long time, is he in a dream? His classmate had a fever and she was also in a dazed dream, and she said to see the gods.

If this was a dream, he did not want to wake up, but he was really tired and wanted to sleep, but reluctant to give up his mother.

Without Roe's response, Vivian saw her son's bright eyes looking at her without blink. As his mother, Vivian read his mind instantly.

Vivian's voice was more tender. "If tired, you can sleep for a while. When you get to the hospital, will mom call you?"

Roe still felt it's not true, a small hand tightly grasping Viavvian's clothes, stubbornly said, "Mom, I must be in a dream, I don't want to sleep, or mom will disappear.

Listening to Roe's careful words, Vivian's eyes got wet and she answered in a soft voice, "Don't worry, Roe, mom is always here. When you wake up, I will be right next to you."

Roe looked at Vivian's gentle eyes, thought for a while and nodded and said, "Mom, you must not lie to Roe, because lying children will grow noses."

"Well, I promised, just go to sleep." Vivian gently stroked Roe's soft hair.

"Well." Roe was assured that the small face relaxed in a smile, and she thought, mom's hands are cool and comfortable.

Soon a feeling of drowsiness gradually came, and Roe fell asleep under the touch of her touch.

Hearing the sound of breathing mixed with hot air, Vivian's heart became soft. Roe is not similar to her, his stubborn revealed between the eyebrows occasionally are like that man, William.

Have to say, William's genes are really good, Roe inherited all his characteristics, sometimes Vivian will feel trance in the face of a miniature version of William.

Whether it's his personality, his looks, or the way he talks.

Such that Vivian couldn't let William see the child, and anyone who knew him would know Roe was his son.

With her priceless treasure in her arms, Vivian was still worried. She had not dropped him for three years. She was afraid of being found by William, fortunately, everything will be over.

"Mom, don't leave...."

Vivian's hands stiffened as she stroked the back of Roe, and she was in tears. The child's unconscious words in his sleep were the last straw that broke her heart.

When Roe was very young, he would ask where his father had gone. When he older, she seemed to understand. Even without his father, he always smiled brightly.

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