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Vivian ran to her small apartment, not daring to relax, just in case William found out who was calling.

Being with William for three years, she also learned a lot. The first one is to hide traces, like this note, because it is important, so she note a word she understands.

Put your heart first, more important than William.

Vivian couldn't stop breathing. She dialed the phone number in a hurry. She couldn't help walking quickly in the living room.

She didn't call her so late, and she called back usually, so there must be something important happened.

Fortunately, the phone was connected. Vivian asked urgently, "Grandma, is Roe not feeling well again?"

"Vivi, it is bad, Roe has a high fever that cannot be retreated, and the medical conditions are limit in rural, how to deal with it? "The grandmother on the other side of the phone was more anxious than she was.

When Vivian heard of Roe's persistent fever, she shook herself and could not stay in the apartment any longer.

She was very worried, but to comfort the same worried grandmother, "Grandma, don't worry, I will come back to take Roe to the hospital."

"Well, Vivi, I know you are hurried, but must pay attention to safety." Grandmother was afraid that Vivian would be so anxious that there would be any accidents on the way.

"I know, grandmother, you can rest assured, I will pay attention to safety, and I will go back soon." Vivian's heart is warm. Since her parents died, only her elderly grandmother cares about herself.

In a hurry, Vivian hung up the phone and took the money. Without going to the station to buy a ticket, Vivian packed a taxi and went to the countryside in a frightened mood.

Luckily, it is not far from New York, where she lives. It is only an hour's drive.

Vivian sat quietly in the back of the car, watching the scenery out of the window.

Her memory went back to that hot, sleepless night three years ago, when William and her first met in the apartment they had lived in for three years.

One is a single man for a long time, one is a woman carefully loving him. A little spark is enough for them to start a prairie fire. They had sex normally.

Maybe it was the first time for everyone. After a crazy night and sleeping until noon, no one remembered what to do for contraception. William was more like a wild animal and never tired.

And she didn't have the energy to think about the consequences. The result was obvious, because she had been out of order for a few months. Three months later, she found herself pregnant.

Without warning or reaction, Vivian knew that she was suddenly pregnant and had been for three months. At first, she was afraid and full of excitement, but gradually she became determined.

She wanted this child, a child that belonged to her and William, when their relationship was just 'friends for sex.'

She didn't dare, didn't dare to tell William the news, didn't have to think about what William's reaction would be, and mostly she wanted to keep the boy.

Even if they were separated, she had a child.

Later, she was afraid that William would find out that his stomach would get bigger over time, so she made an excuse to go home and take care of his sick grandmother.

Neither William nor the colleagues suspected anything.

She secretly hid back to her previous house on her own, and back to the countryside soon, she knew the real test is coming.

Ate and vomited, she can smell the waste of fish and meat, only to eat some vegetables and Fruit. She was slimmer than not pregnant, making the grandmother has been nervously worried.

After a few months, her stomach was as big as a ball, and the child squeezed the inside of her visceral, making her breathless from time to time. She got up again and again at night, and she was alone in the darkness.

Sometimes thinking of other pregnant women, who has a husband to accompany, but she could only do everything by herself. Sometimes when she cried at night, the child in the belly would kick her, then she knew that her persistence is worth.

Just did not think she would be premature, the baby was less than seven months old when she was born, and the birth was so dangerous that she almost died, of course, only she knew.

After the baby was born, the doctor told her that the baby had a heart attack and that the surgery would have to be done when she grew up.

It was a costly business, and she made up for it with her own savings several times in the early years, living on her own, never giving up, never showing it to William, despite the hardships.

She did this well, because William hadn't seen any trace of it for three years.

But now Roe's surgery cannot be delayed any longer, it was just the last operation. And then there is a top foreign special research heart doctor team has time to help Roe complete the operation, but needing expensive cost.

No matter the operation cost, or the nutrition nurse cost, she needed two million dollars at least.

She thought that Roe often longs to jumping and playing happily in the field like other children, and the envy in his eyes, which let her heart ache.

These simple gestures were so common to other children, but so extravagant to Roe, she knew she would try anyway.

Angie's return is just a trigger to make this happen. She doesn't think there is anything wrong with this sum of money from William, as Roe's father, but she just has some reasons she can't say.

There was no way to say it, but she remembered the day when she had repressed her excitement and asked William if he liked her. His silent eyes had broken the last line of defense in her heart.

She knew that William did not love her, and she knew that he could not be told about Roe.

She could not afford to lose her lover and her only child, and then she made a decision so that she could readily comply with William's excessive demands.

Because she decided to take Roe abroad for an operation, or should say never to come back.

Memories are like old movies constantly playing in the head. She is always an outsider no matter how hard for her to change the fact.

"Here we are, Miss." The voice of the driver came from the front, but for a long time there was no response. He looked around doubtfully, but the beautiful girl was already in tears.

The driver was afraid to irritate the girl who looked very sad. Although he did not know why the girl was crying, it might be something urgent that she chartered the bus back to the countryside so late.

"Are you all right, Miss?"

After two calls, Vivian seemed to wake up from a dream and suddenly came back to her mind. When she raised her hand, it was covered with tears. She wiped it at random and said, " I'm fine. Please wait here, I will pick up a person, we will return to the city, you rest assured that I will give you double the money, this is the deposit you take first."

Vivian was afraid that the driver would not wait. She took out two hundred dollars from her bag and gave it to the driver.

The driver shook his head and said, "I will wait for you here."

She thanked him gratefully and opened the door.

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