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Vivian had barely reached the shadows, and before she could scream, a powerful arm reached her and pulled her into the darkness, crushing her against a tree trunk.

Then she smelt cold breath she was familiar with, so she relaxed in a relief. Vivian just didn't expect it would be him.

- William.

"What are you nervous about, have a guilty conscience and be afraid of being seen?" William's deep voice rang out and paused. "It's because you're afraid someone's going to know about us."

Vivian blinked and quickly gathered up her nervousness. She wouldn't bother to tell William that she had just met a bad guy. "I have nothing to be afraid of," she said.

"You're not worried that John will see us like this?"

Even in the darkness of night, Vivian could feel William's deep dark eyes staring at her. Leaning against the back of the tree, she couldn't help getting nervous.

"Vivian, you're getting licentious." Even though he knew Vivian was deliberately saying this to provoke him, he was provoked in deed.

She came back with John.

Vivian turned her head away and made a silent protest. He had dinner with her best friend in the afternoon and came back to her in the evening.

William seemed to discover for the first time that Vivian was also a person with a temper. The little woman in front of him silently followed him for three years, never giving him any trouble, and always staying quietly by his side.

No matter how late he came back, there was always a light in the living room and someone waiting for him on the sofa, asleep or awake.

This special feeling, he has never been deep, until she wanted to leave.

Vivian was not relieved by the brief silence. She felt that her pores were all tense because of the man in front of her, and even some unspeakable excitement.

Habit in the three years could not be changed overnight. Her love for William, like a drug addiction, penetrated her bloodstream and into her bones, and even now she had an instinctive reaction to his every move.

Vivian was afraid to stay, and his vows would become fragile. "William, if you came here to say this, I've heard you. You can go now."

William's long fingers rested on her ear, and they were close enough to smell each other's breath. One is short, and the other is deep, and he knew she was nervous because of him, which made him satisfied.

"Vivian, did you forget about lunch?"

Vivian looked at the man in front of her. "William, what do you mean? Our deal is over. You know the USB can't be copied."

When she said the words "USB ", Vivian's face turned red with a dreamy gasp in her mind.

She was glad it was night.

"You've forgotten one thing. Who came to rescue you?" William had good eyesight, and in this dim place he could clearly saw her pretty little face full of life and energy for excitement.

She seemed to have become a different person. She had always been obedient.

How much more are you hiding?

Vivian was so angry that she fell on her back. What is the meaning of rescuing her? It should be mutual benefit. "I think it should be mutual help."

"I don't accept that. Don't forget that your check hasn't been cleared." William's voice was calm and oppressive.

"What do you want?" Vivian quavered, realizing that she had never been lucky with William.

As long as he didn't want to, she couldn't get away with it.

"Three conditions." William had not decided what he wanted her to do, but insisted.

Vivian knew she couldn't resist, but she asked, "Do I have the right to refuse?"

William raised the corners of his mouth and said, "No."

Vivian was leaning against the trunk of a tree, her face downcast and she didn't know what she was thinking. She just didn't want to see the pretty face that was haunting her.

She really did not understand that William loved Angie, although she took two million, he can't be affected for his current economic strength, did it?

A deal which is fair and should be over, and they should never communicate with each other again.

"William, let's not go on like this, okay? I don't want my best friend to get hurt." Vivian knew everything she said was excuses. She just couldn't stand the idea of her loving man falling in love her best friend.

Every time the consequences of pretending to be strong, is to let herself more distressed, she really does not want to go on in this repetition.

William shoved Vivian against the trunk of a tree and covered her tiny body with a tall figure. Her eyes were as cold as a deep pool, as sharp as an eagle, and her voice was low as ice. "Vivian, say it again."

Vivian, even though in her stupor, realized that William was angry, and very angry, but she didn't know what he was angry about. "I don't want to...."

Vivian was late to finish her words. She was deprived of her breath. The strong touch on her lips reminded her how hot the man's lips were.

That's how she felt, and that's what William did. He kissed her strongly, and his soft tongue wrapped around her mouth.

Vivian passively bored William's ardor, just like a boat in the sea, drifting with the water involuntarily, reaching out for something to keep her body from slipping.

A sudden monotonous bell interrupted the increasingly ambiguous atmosphere, but also let Vivian suddenly wake up, what she was doing, almost...

Obviously, she warned her cannot be distracted by William later, but the body is early compromise.

As the Internet said, the mouth said no, the body is very honest.

Because of the phone call, William didn't go on, or Vivian wouldn't have moved him.

Vivian fumbled for the cell phone in her bag and saw the note on it. With a sudden look on her face, she ignored William's eyes and said, "I have something urgent to say. Please tell me when you think of the conditions."

William looked thoughtfully at Vivian, who was in a hurry to get away. Whose call was so important that he was willing to agree to his difficult request.

He remembered it was the number 'one' on the screen. Was it a code name?

Whose could it be, John? Angie? Or someone else.

Anyway, he just got what he wanted.

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