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Luckily, John had booked a box in advance, so it didn't look crowded with so many people.

After ordering the dishes, they looked at each other on the table, urging each other to open their mouths, and finally the eyes of the tacit fell on the Komatsu.

Komatsu frowned unhappily, but looking at other people's firm eyes, she knew it was time to talk.

"John, I still don't know where you work."

Vivian picked her eyebrows and looked at John. It seemed more exciting than the meal so everyone was looking at John.

Komatsu didn't see Vivian's inquiring eyes. She didn't know anything. She was just an innocent blade of grass.

"I just came back from abroad and took over some of the family business." John said.

People whispered.

"Young and promising."

"Family business."

"Even the overseas returnees."

"The future is limitless..."

"You just came back, wondering if you are used to the life there, if you are bored, you can come to find our manager much more times."

"I come to see Vivi whenever I have time. Although I just came back to China, I still have a few friends who often get together."

"Your friends must be as young and promising as you, and most of them must be busy with their careers. I want to know how you know our manager."

"Fate is really a wonderful thing. If I knew a good man like you, I would wake up laughing in my dreams."

John smiled and answered them patiently. "Most of my friends are still single, but they are wild, and the girls who like them may be hard."

After a pause, John took a gentle look at Vivian beside him. "I and Vivi were schoolmates. I've liked her since I met her once.

Vivian's face turned red. She did not expect that John would express his feelings in front of so many people, which made her cover her heart and feel intoxicated. She was also very embarrassed.

"Really romantic, it's a campus love."

"However, every time I asked manager whether she had boyfriend or not, you do not answer, too treacherous."

"I understand, if I have such a good boyfriend, meeting you guys, I will also hide him well."

What she said provoked all a burst of siege, laugh.

Only Komatsu looked puzzled and murmured to herself, "I saw a man come to meet the manager last time, looking from the back, he was not quite like John..."

It suddenly became quiet all around, Komatsu also found that she said the wrong thing, embarrassingly said, " I saw the man at night, maybe it was very dark, so I saw it wrong."

At first, she was also curious about who the store manager's boyfriend was, but after watching the show for too long at night, she forgot about it. If she hadn't mentioned it today, she wouldn't have remembered it.

Vivian was surprised to see that Komatsu had seen William coming to take her over. Fortunately, she didn't see his face. If Angie heard him when he came to look for herself, it would be in trouble.

"Komatsu, is your myopia more and more serious? Otherwise you should match a pair of glasses."

Some people saw the atmosphere become embarrassed, then continued to say, "Don't be dazzled, even you will mistake manager for somebody else."

"Hah, it is possible because I stayed up watching Korean drama that day, so I was very sleepy that night. "Komatsu also agreed with the nod but she was clear that the men she saw is definitely not John, and it was necessary to clarify that her vision is 5.0.

John also knows small the mysterious man is not himself. He confirmed the relationship with Vivian these days. And he would not stand so far to wait for Vivian to walk to him. In fact, perhaps he had already guessed the mysterious man.

But Vivi doesn't want to be associated with that person, and he just assumed he doesn't know.

Just at that moment, the waiter came to the dish and covered up the embarrassment. John was also a person with high emotional intelligence, which quickly diverted the attention of the crowd. In addition, no one had ever been to such a luxurious place before, and they were all attracted by the dishes on the table.

Vivian only answered a few words once in a while. She ate a few symbolically, and listened to others in most time.

Although John was trying to answer everyone's questions, his heart was on Vivian. Seeing that Vivian didn't eat much, he asked her carefully, "What's wrong? The food is not to your taste?"

"No, I've eaten a lot." Vivian shook her head in response to John's glance at her. She took a special look to her clean dishes. It didn't look like she was eating too much.

She was unnatural and said, "well, I'm really full."

"Well." John did not force her to continue eating.

After a thoughtful meal, John drove Vivian back to her apartment. Before he got off, he stopped her and said, "Vivi, what were you going to say to me?"

Vivian laid her hand on the door, missing the chance to speak clearly. She had no courage to speak, but replied vaguely, "Nothing. It's just a little thing."

"Would you like me to go up with you?" He saw Vivian was surprised and explained, "Don't get me wrong. I just worry you alone."

"I know, John. You can rest assured that the neighborhood is safe. You don't need to be bothered."

Of course, Vivian knew that John is not that kind of person. A few days ago, she went to live with him on impulse. She was also sleeping in the guest room. Later, because of some personal matters, she felt inconvenient, so she moved back.

"Well." John nodded. He wanted to be what Vivian called 'the kind of person', but he didn't want to be rude to her.

Vivian got off and watched John's car disappear at the gate, then turned around and entered the gate of the community.

In the dark night, only a few yellow street lamps lighting up a small section of the road. Most of the place was dark, and Vivian was the only one on the road.

"I should have let John in with me." She thought.

Vivian always felt that she was followed by a pair of hostile eyes. She couldn't help speeding up her steps and lifting up her heart.

She won't have such bad luck. She just told John that the neighborhood is safe, and now she met unknown people.

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