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After a busy day, Vivian went out with some employees of the store. She had something on her mind and did not notice that there were a lot of people outside.

Most of them are women.

Komatsu nudged Vivian, who was walking headlong, and jokingly said, "Manager, your boyfriend has come to pick you up."

Vivian couldn't understand why. She lifted her eyes to follow Komatsu's eyes and saw John standing out from the crowd.

John seemed to see Vivian as well. He smiled gently at her and walked over. "Vivi, let's get off work."

"Well, off duty." Vivian still couldn't get over it. Her mind had been on the incident at noon all day. When she saw John, she suddenly remembered that she hadn't contacted him for several days after coming back from farmhouse.

As a girlfriend, she was really incompetent and said with an apologetic look, "I'm sorry, John, I was so busy in the store these days and I haven't had time to contact you."

"Never mind, haven't eaten yet, let's go together." John smiled gently and did not care about this small matter. Since Vivi had no time, it was the same for him to take the initiative.

What's more, he must chase after her diligently.

"Well, let's go." Vivian nodded.

"Manager, you and John act as if no one is present, although I am a small light bulb, I'm still in the light." Komatsu said.

The man on the opposite was too handsome and gentle, which let her feel that she was attacked strongly.

This might be the legend, someone else's boyfriend...

Vivian looked at Komatsu with some embarrassment and said helplessly, "How could I forget you?"

"Why don't you come with us to dinner?"

"No, no, I'll have an uneasy conscience when I'm the third wheel." Komatsu motioned. She was just joking.

"It's okay," John said generously. "We're both going to eat anyway, so there's no harm in having a few more."

At first, the other clerks in the store had already been itching to open their mouths, but they were too embarrassed to open their mouths. Besides, they were not as outgoing as Komatsu. Now when they heard John's words, they all nodded like pecks.

"Well, John, and we will follow you to dinner."

"John is really a perfect man, we really profit from association with the manager Vivian."

"Yes, yes, the store manager has such a good boyfriend, which really lets us envy."

As a result, the meal for two turned into a group of people walking together. Fortunately, Vivian worked in the downtown area, so she only needed to walk to eat instead of taking a taxi.

John gave an address, and the others went on in groups, because they are too embarrassed to stay and disturb the two people, deliberately leaving them a distance, leaving them a private space.

Vivian walked beside him and whispered, "I'm sorry to have cost you, John."

"It's just a meal, it's nothing, and..." John paused, and his mouth slightly lifted to show how happy he was. "I'm glad for what they said."

Vivian understood the meaning of John's words at a moment's thought, and she was flushed. She looked down at her heels and did not know how to answer.

John was a really good guy, and he might have been a good guy if he hadn't met William, but...

John saw Vivian's little red face and became a little worried, concernedly asked, "Vivi, do you have something on your mind?"

When she got off work, he found that she often day dream with a thoughtful expression, but because there were many people, he did not ask.

"No, maybe I've been too tired lately." Vivian averted her eyes from John's and felt an impulse to speak clearly to him.

Now she is not suitable for starting a new relationship, and she should not be with John just for impulse, which not only hurts the innocent John, but also makes her look down upon herself.

"John, I have something to tell you..."

"Well." John quietly watched Vivian waiting for her next words.

Vivian was about to open her mouth when Komatsu stomped over and said, "John, we could just have a simple meal. We don't need to spend so much money in such an expensive place."

Komatsu and other clerks arrived at the address first, and they saw the signboard bronzing bright big word - Fruit Garden.

Instantly gave up the idea of having a meal. They orginally heckled and wanted to get along with manager's boyfriend more, and perhaps they can know a few rich husbands, let them also have the opportunity to become rich.

Just did not expect John was so generous, taking them to such a luxury place. Fruit Garden is one of the city's top restaurants, and the guests are the dignitaries. The expense of meal can offset their salary for a year.

They dared not to eat the meal, so they arranged for a representative to come.

"Well, I also wanted to invite Vivi to dinner here at the beginning, so it's alright." John wanted to know what Vivi has left to say, but he knew it's not the right time.

Komatsu was embarrassed for a while, hearing to John's understatement, she knew that this meal may be a drop in the bucket for John, and he was going to bring the manager to eat.

Since John said so, , Komatsu ran back again to tell them the exciting news.

"In fact, there are so many of us that we don't need to waste so much. Just look for a normal shop."

William had been to the Fruit Garden several times with Vivian, and the level of its consumption was really high. Besides, with so many people, Vivian didn't want John to spend so much money.

John looked at Vivian who was with a slight frown and he smiled. He naturally held her white and delicate hands with a clean and long hand.

"Please, my girlfriend, how can it be a waste, well, your shop assistants are waiting for you."

Vivian unconsciously wants to pull his hand away, and she seemed to have something in mind. Finally, she doesn't pull her hand away. She lets John lead her.

Vivian's small movements did not escape John's attention. Her small hands were stiff and tight, as if repelled by his behavior. He didn't know why she didn't pull away from him in the end.

No matter what reason that Vivi didn't let go her hands, it was a good sign for him, even if he spent much more today, it was worth it.

In the fact, his was in a burst of tension, after thinking about his behavior, he was just like a young boy in love, and was excited because of his girlfriend's every move.

He knew that Vivi had not fully accepted himself, but as long as she took one step toward himself, he would take the remaining ninety-nine steps toward her.

He is willing to give all because he loves her.

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