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Vivian opened the door and walked in. This is a simple office, clean and spacious. There is a black leather sofa for receiving visitors and a French window from where people can overlook the whole city.

And the tall figure behind the desk.

Vivian was wearing the company's eight-centimeter high heels. After standing for so long, her heels were ached.

She calmly looked at the man not far away who has been processing documents, since she came in five minutes ago, he has not put down the pen.

It seems that she doesn't exist.

Time went by, and Vivian, who was trying to be calm, couldn't wait. After lunch break, there would be a lot of people outside.

"William, I brought it here."

Hearing Vivian's voice, William felt as if he had just found Vivian. He put down his pen gracefully and looked at her with dark eyes that seemed to draw people into it."Don't you want to give me something? What's the matter? Are you reluctant to take it out?"

Vivian shook her head and quickly covered up the embarrassment in her eyes. She was sure that William had done it on purpose!

"Here." Vivian put a small USB stick in front of William.

William didn't miss Vivian's undetectable whiff of breath. His cold eyes glanced at her stiletto heels, and William's raised eyebrows and seemed to detect something terribly unpleasant.

By the time Vivian looked over, his eyelids had closed and his long lashes blocked in his eyes.

After all, after being together for three years, Vivian knew something about William's subtle movements. Such as when he was angry, he would unconsciously close his mouth. Maybe he didn't even know this little detail.

Only those who care him will take his little actions to heart.

Vivian did not know what William was angry at, and she was afraid to stimulate William, so she came in without saying anything. But when she saw William's next action, she could not help but anxiously asked, "William, what do you mean?"

William paused, lifted his eyelids, looked at her with his ink-colored eyes, and told her, word for word, "Inspect the goods."

Vivian blushed and said, "I don't need to lie to you. Here, there's only one video."

She never thought William would 'inspect the goods' in front of her. Didn't he have any shame? Even if they had sax for many times, it was really not appropriate to play the video in front of her.

William inserted the USB stick into his notebook, his mouth curled in a mocking curve. "Look, I don't know if you're sending me with someone else's stuff."

"You!!" Vivian was dumb by William's words. The deal of two million dollars is not small, so it is understood for William to check it. But the behavior obviously embarrassed her because it's played in front of her.

Thinking of the use of the money, Vivian just pressured her bitter heart, waiting for William 'to inspect goods' without any expression.

William looked at the woman who glared at him one second, and then he was calm again the next, and his happiness vanished, too. He did not expect that this woman would choose to endure humiliation for the sake of two million dollars.

William's mood became bad.

The video soon began to play, with two subjects of the film standing in the office.

The volume of the notebook is not high, but in the quiet office, it is particularly clear and strident. There were some sobs and gasps, a few words from time to time.

"HMM... HMM... Ah... Lighter...."

"Purr... No... Ah...."

Even Vivian, who pretended to be calm, felt a little nervous. When she recorded the video that day, she had calculated everything, including the angle, lighting and location. However, the sound was missing.

And the whole process, there are her cozy voice, and men rare muffle hum.

Vivian felt like she was on fire. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the man in front of her watching the video seriously.

When he saw Vivian, her face flushed and she was anxious, and then he threw out a few words calmly." I haven't finished yet."

He thought this woman had no feelings for him, but it seemed to be false.

"William, don't bully me too much." Vivian saw William's malicious eyes, she felt sad. But thinking about she had asked for the two million dollars, No wonder he got angry.

Like a deflated ball, she didn't say anything.

William looked at Vivian with a look of victim, and a sense of anger rose in his heart. It was she who wanted the money, and now she made a look of being hurt.

This anonymous fire burned up his pity for Vivian.

"William, what are you doing? Why did you lock the door? I'm Angie."

Suddenly the voice surprised the two people living in the house. To be exact, only Vivian was surprised, William looked at Vivian meaningfully to see how she would do next.

Hearing Angie's voice, Vivian felt like a frightened bird. Every cell in her body became tense. Seeing that William hadn't planned to turn off the video, she whispered in a worried voice, "William, turn it off quickly."

The fear seemed to drain the blood from her whole body and blanched her face.

"Why should I promise you? Don't forget, you threatened me." William answered slowly and seemed to not worry about the consequences of the expose.

"William, don't forget Angie is your girlfriend now."

Vivian's worried expression was in sharp contrast to William's calm. "So what?" he said in a bland voice.

Vivian heard louder and louder knocks on the door and became anxious, ignoring William's deep eyes.

She hurried to William's side to pull out the USB disk, but the more nervous she was, the more disobedient her hand was, not mention to across a living man.

All she had in mind was that Angie must, must not know about her and William.

"William? William, are you there?" Angie waited outside the door for a while before William opened it. She turned the knob and found it locked. There must be someone inside.

After so long time, William has opened the door. Maybe it was a woman who stayed with William. The Gucci perfume on his pillow flashed through her mind, and she stopped up inexplicably.

"William, what's wrong with you, open the door...."

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