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After a thrilling farm trip, Vivian went to work in a trance these days and made frequent mistakes at work.

Komatsu found that It was the fifth time for Vivian to be in a daze today, she can't help but being concerned about her, "Manager, what's wrong with you?

"Ah? No, nothing. I'll check it out." Vivian was dazed.

"Manager, it's time for lunch." Komatsu reminded kindly.

What is wrong with the Manager, didn't she just check this morning.

Vivian saw the bill in her hand and realized that her mind was wandering. She said, "Komatsu, go for lunch first."

Komatsu looked at Vivian and asked her kindly, "Won't you come with us?"

"No, I have no appetite." Vivian shook her head.

When Komatsu saw Vivian really didn't want to go, she didn't force her to go for lunch. Then she followed other colleagues.

Vivian pinched her brows and went back to the lounge, sitting quietly on the bench with her eyes closed.

Her brain has been hovering William's deep eyes.

She thought William would come to find her soon, but she came back three days later, and her initial panic gradually subsided.

No phone call, or a text message, her line of sight involuntarily fell on the screen of the mobile phone, is always black, like her mood enveloped with general black cloud.

-- Buzz.

A slight shaking sound woke the thoughtful Vivian. Her clear eyes fell on the mobile phone screen, and when she saw the familiar numbers, her palms trembled slightly and her mouth smiled a wry smile.

"Hello...." Vivian found an unspeakable strain in her voice.

"I've got the check ready. Take your things and exchange them, Vivian."

Willie's cold voice came from the other end of the phone. Despite the distance between the two of them, Vivian felt the chill spread through her body, and her fingertips felt pale as she held the phone.

She collected herself and forced herself to calm down, her voice still tightened. "Ok, I see."

There was silence on the other end of the line for a few seconds. Every second was torture for Vivian, and even the feeling of suffocation gave her an illusion.

She was like a condemned man waiting to die.

"Vivian, you really make me have a completely new appraisal of you." William's calm voice was like a sharp blade stuck in Vivian's heart. It hurt, but it was also sad beyond words.

Vivian pushed her nails into her palms as if she didn't understand his sarcasm. "If nothing else, I'll hang up." she said in a cool, almost emotionless voice.

The next second, there was only a blind tone on the other end of the line.

He thought Vivian might have her own difficulties, but now it seemed that she really just wanted the money.

As William's assistant, Leo, saw his boss gloomy face from the cracks in the door, consciously took back the copy which was ready to be sent up.

He had better not touch the boss's minefield.

Vivian lost all her strength when she hung up the phone. Suddenly, she realized that her back was already wet with sweat.

There was no time for her to think. It was her lunch break, just in time to get out of sight.

Vivian took things to William's office. Although their work places are close to each other, it is funny, she and William have been together for three years, but this is her first time to his site.

The 32-storey building, gathring the city's best elite team. William has the 19th floor and the 20th floor, which are better section. It is enough to prove his ability in this place with high cost of land.

Vivian was also glad that there were a lot of people working on this storey. So it didn't seem too sudden if she went to look for William. After taking a deep breath, she finally stepped in.

The numbers in the elevator jumped up and up, like her heart was in midair, and she couldn't help but think of how she'd been with William three years ago and had fallen in love with William.

Said to be confused, her heart was still full of secret joy and sweet. When William's busy with work, she was like a Peeping and carefully enjoyed his thick eyebrows, dark eyes, cool thin lips, angular outline, and that tall but not rugged figure. No matter looking at William from which angle, he was so perfect which made everyone envy.

Such a man was born to be a leader, and no matter where he went, he was always the most dazzling light. She stole the three years of sweet time, and she should be satisfied.

But she felt even more empty and wanted more, not just company, but...

'Ding'. The sound of the elevator brought Vivian back to reality. She had arrived at the gate of William's office.

Although it was time for rest, there were still a few people working in groups. Vivian went to the receptionist and asked politely.

"Hello, where is lawyer William's office?"

The receptionist heard that the woman find their lawyer William, being of some dissatisfaction in the heart, thought she was to seduce their lawyer William by doing business.

But her professionalism made her respond politely, "Do you have an appointment?"

"I don't have an appointment." Vivian saw the woman frown and quickly explained, "However, lawyer William contacted me and asked me to come here. My name is Vivian."

The receptionist gave Vivian a suspicious look. She didn't believe it, but in case she made any mistake, she called an insider to make sure for Vivian.

When the call was connected, the receptionist took a look at Vivian and nodded respectfully, "Yes, I see. Yes."

The receptionist hanged up the phone, and came out from the counter, collected the disrespect on the face and became much respectful, did not expect that this woman was the guest that lawyer William invited.

"Miss Vivian, please follow me."

Vivian nodded. "Yeah."

The receptionist led her through the long office area to the innermost office. Vivian felt that the thick door in front of her was not a door, but a mountain she could not cross.

The mountain, was called William, which is beyond reach.

The reception desk very regularly knocked on the door, respectfully said to the inside, "lawyer William, Miss Vivian has been brought."

William's low voice came through the door. "Let her come in."

"Yes, lawyer William" William's words were obvious, he only allowed the woman beside her to go in. The reception was even more curious, William's girlfriend also came a few days ago, who is this woman?

The attitude of William seemed to be subtle, even if the receptionist was curious , she dared not think more.

Vivian looked so calm. Only she knew how nervous she was. Her palms were sweating.

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