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William held her tightly, buried his head in her neck and shoulders, smelling her.

After a while, his hand reached for pants pocket, and he seemed to want to draw out something: "Vivi..."

"William, I want two million dollars." William froze and looked up at Vivian.

Vivian ignored his shocked expression. Even though she was pale, she still looked cool and said, "I've been with you for three years. Time is not short. For the sake of sleeping with you for three years, give me two million dollars."

William put the things back in his pocket and stared at Vivian with sullen eyes.

"By the way, I still have a video of our sex." Vivian pretended she couldn't see anything. "If you don't, I'll just take it to Angie. I don't care."

This statement directly angered William, then he released her feet, walked away and said, "Ok, two million!"

His harsh words seemed to squeeze through his teeth. He glanced at Vivian and then left without looking back.

After waiting for him to walk far, Vivian slid down from the trunk. Her double legs were painful, but her heart was much more painful. Tightly biting a lip, she didn't let herself cry out.

Thinking of the importance of the money, Vivian suppressed the pain to the bottom, raised her hand to tidy up her messy hair, straightened her back and chose a path that ran counter to William's.

She knew that when she said that, there was no possibility for her to turn back.

Angie saw Vivian coming out of the peach grove and complained, "Vivi, what are you doing? Everyone is waiting for you."

Vivian unconsciously wanted to search for the tall figure. But thinking about something, she didn't see the deep eyes of the man.

"Sorry, I just seemed to get lost, so I took some time to get around and kept you waiting." Vivian straightened up and responded with an apologetic expression.

"Vivi, this peach grove is so small and you get lost amazingly." Angie didn't say anything but said something in jest. But she was puzzled that even though Vivi was lost in the peach grove, why her basket was lost?

Thinking that she had been looking for William, but she didn't find him, and that William had come back on his own, she mumbled in an unconscious voice, "Two peaople was lost, it's really strange."

Vivian's heart trembled a little and she smiled apologetically.

When John came over, he looked at Vivian with tender eyes and said, "It's my fault. I walked too far and made you lost alone."

"I'm fine. I didn't sleep well yesterday. I walked too far." Vivian shook her head and said that, the sticky feeling between her legs made her more guilty. Although she had promised to be John's girlfriend, she still could not refuse William, and finally made John worry her.

When she got the money, she would keep her promise to stay away from William...

But her heart shiver unconsciously.

Angie didn't have time to make fun of her friend, but she caught sight of the man next to her, who was already walking back. She asked anxiously, "William, where are you going?"

"There's something urgent waiting for me."

When Angie heard that there's something of William's office to deal with, she couldn't go with him. "Well, William, drive carefully.

William nodded and left away.

Vivian looked at William's distant figure, her heart sank. Well, no matter what William thought of her, as long as she could get the money, no matter how the grievance was, she would not hesitate.

After William left, Angie had no mood to play. They went back to the farmhouse. It was drizzling outside the window, which made people feel a dull mood.

Angie, forcibly took Vivian away from John. In the name of talking private words between the bestie.

Vivian could only nod apologetically to John. Fortunately, John had a good personality and didn't care about these little things.

Angie dragged Vivian back to her room and asked her questions. "Vivi, do you feel William is angry?"

"Is that so? I didn't notice." Vivian clutched her palm and answered with a look of ignorance.

"Of course, you didn't notice. You've got your heart set on John. I just felt it."

Angie sighed wistfully. "I wanted to develop a relationship with William, but as soon as I made some progress, he left."

"Angie, don't think about it. Maybe he's worried about the office, not angry." Vivian saw bestie lost eyes, unbearable relief her way.

"Vivi, I don't know why, I always have a bad feeling in my heart." But Angie couldn't tell the feeling.

"Angie, you're already boyfriend and girlfriend, you should no more be swayed by considerations of gain and loss." Vivian seemed guilty to think of what she had left behind in Willian's apartment.

On the other hand, she hated her own behavior. If Angie knew what William had just done with her in the peach grove, she would be ashamed to face her best friend again.

Angie seemed to suddenly think of something. She grabbed Vivian's hand and asked urgently, "Vivi, how's it going that I asked you to pay attention to last time? Have you got any news?"

Her hands were suddenly grabbed, and Vivian was momentarily nervous. "No, no."

"Vivi, why do you look so worried." Angie looked at her suspiciously.

"I was just wondering if John was bored outside." Vivian made a wild excuse.

"It's only been for a while, don't start to love John so soon." "I don't care, Vivi. Even if you have a boyfriend, you should put me first."

Vivian pretended that she could not stand Angie's shaking. She answered helplessly, "Yes, I promise."

When Angie saw Vivian promise herself, she smiled and said, "Hey, I knew Vivi was the best. Ok, ok, I won't delay your time. Go to find him."

Vivian was also worried that her bestie would notice her mood swings and leave.

At the sound of the door closing, Angie's face turned pale with a smile. She was not an ignorant little girl, and she saw all of William's changes. Since Vivi could not find the woman's phone number, she had to arrange to check it by herself.

In any case, she would never let another woman take William away from her.

William sitting in the car, did not drive away immediately, looking at the hands of a new set of keys in deep eyes, which issued a clear sound with the shaking of fingers.

After suddenly clutching that bunch of cold keys in the palm, he smiled much cooler. There was a mocking look on his face, and he threw the bunch of the keys to the card slot at will.

He was going to let her live in the new apartment he had bought. It seemed that he was unnecessary to do that.

William started the car and drove away from the farmhouse.

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