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William's hand went down through his cotton underpants, and he entered the tight vagina unhinderedly. He almost groaned in comfort. He leaned over her, and his voice strained

"You are very sensitive, and you can feel it becomes much wetter after a few flicks."

Vivian seemed embarrassed. She put aside her head to looked away from him. William leaned over and blew his hot breath into her earlobes. "Do you want, yeah?"

One finger, two fingers, three fingers... His fingers went in his vagina unimpededly, as if the warm ocean held his fingers tightly, and the splash of water and the spread of the sweet greasy way let the man faint laugh.

Vivian was tearful, and her scallion fingers tightly grasp his arm: "William, please..."

William raised his eyebrows like a real possessor as if he didn't know what she was talking about, and his fingers moved faster and he said lazily. "Please? Beg me what?"

"Please, please... Give me..." Vivian tried her best to say this sentence, ashamed and oppressed.

With a smile, William accepted her request and hung her leg over his arm. His narrow waist sank slightly and he squeezed in it. Vivian still couldn't get used to it and frowned, "Slow down...."

Vivian obviously asked the man to slow down, but he didn't seem to hear that. When he was completely inside, he grabbed her legs and moved hard, making her sore and sore. She clutched at the tree trunk with both hands, being afraid she would slip.

"William, you bastard... Slow down..."

When it didn't work, Vivian began to cry. Her eyes were full of tears.

William looked up at her with the same deep look that Vivian couldn't understand, but he slowed down a bit and leaned over to kiss her collarbone with his sharp teeth.

"William, where are you? "Angie shouted in the distance, accompanied by the sound of footsteps approaching.

Vivian came back from lust, with a pale face, she was surprised and afraid. Then her body stretched tight, did not expect that the man slapped on her hip: "Relax, you want to let me premature ejaculation?"

"You..." Vivian is really afraid of the man, couldn't help but beg. "Get out. Angie's coming, Willie, do you hear me?"

" You still have the strength to say that. Doesn't it hurt?" He pushed her legs forward and it's so deep that Vivian almost screamed, then she covered her mouth with her hands.

Aware of the footsteps closer and closer, she almost collapsed, she was afraid of Angie to see such a scene. She begged the man with the eyes, but the man was not swayed, but directly kissed her lips.

Then the approaching footsteps stopped for a moment and then Angie ran off in the other direction.

Vivian softened with relief.

William made her angry. He knew her sensitive spots, and she knew him, too. She twisted his waist slightly and his face was tight and his eyes seemed to eat her.

Pain for a while is always better than being caught in this unbearable scene.

After a while, William hugged her tightly, the force really strangled her, and he said: "Vivian, you are really brave enough!"

Vivian was gasping for breath and her private area was sticky, but she had no time to care. She was still scared and wondered what Angie would do if she saw it.

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