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Vanessa doesn't know if it is her illusion. She always fees that the man's eyes are firmly locked on her body. She is so uncomfortable that she can hardly lift her head.

The crabs in the lake are not only big, but also very delicious. They ordered eight of them at the table, which can be eaten after being steamed in the steamer for 10 minutes.

Vanessa is not used to leaving everything to others. She wants to peel crabs by herself. John laughed and said, "I think Angie always asks William to peel crabs. Please let me play a role."

"Yes! "Angie ate the crab meat had peeled from William. "You just let him do it," she said. "That's when our boyfriends can play a role."

Vanessa smiled and let John do it.

Vanessa could not help glancing over at Angie, who was lively and fond of chatting. Then she saw Angie leaning half against William's arm. She did not know what to say to him.

With a faint smile on her lips, William seemed to be in a good mood. She bowed her head to deal with crabs. William's hands, which she had seen many times, were long and beautiful, and they hurt her eyes.

When they were together for more than three years, Vanessa would take the initiative to cook for him when she went to William's home. She always kept in mind the things he liked to eat. Even if the seafood was hard to handle, she would buy it for him.

But for so long, he had never taken such good care of her, the only time was when she accidentally cut her finger, and he later peeled the whole grapefruit and fed it to her.

That time she moved for a long time, but she did not know that this man is gentle, while his gentle is left for a specific person, and she is obviously not that specific person, because she just a friend making love with him.

Vanessa was a bit harsh and uncomfortable. She drank her lemonade with her head down, afraid people would see something.

Isn't she supposed to bless Angie?

"Vivi, Vivi? Angie shook her hand in front of Vanessa. When Vanessa looked at her blankly, she lowered her mouth.

"I suppose so." Vanessa forced a smile and asked, "what's the matter?"

"No, I just wanted to know if you and John would like to go out this weekend." Angie leaned against William with a sweet expression on her face. "William's case is over. I just have time to hang out with him."


"Can, just I with Vanessa also free." Vanessa barely uttered a single syllable when John came down laughing and said, "It's an honor to have this opportunity to hang out with you."

"That's great! Angie was delighted and said, "I was afraid you wouldn't have time! By the way, Vivi, where do you live now? I can pick you up with William Next time."

John put the crab meat in the Vanessa bowl and casually said, "Vanessa is living with me now."

"Oh?" Perhaps the answer was so shocking that Angie simply dropped it.

Vanessa could feel the man's face become cold after John spoke. As soon as she looked up, she touched his deep, penetrating eyes, which seemed to question her.

"Wow, that's great! Angie gives William a sidelong glance, and mumbles, "William says he sleeps too little and won't let me spend the night with him."

"Lawyer is busy with his work. His nerves are probably tight every day, so it can be understood."

"But my girlfriend cooks well, and I am worried about her walking home at night after working every day. It would be best to live with me."

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