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"Ok, I'll pick you up."

John lives in green water bay, an upscale community, close to the lake, and the environment is very elegant, you can walk along the lake slowly in the evening, he directly bought a two-bedroom house in the community.

When the packing arrived, John helped Vanessa to sort it out. Vanessa went to the shopping mall to buy some food and made a simple lunch of three dishes and one soup.

John was satisfied with the food. "My girlfriend is a good cook," he said with a smile.

Vanessa smiled. "I promise to make you fat in the future!"

Both of them had their own jobs, but the rest of the day was the same. The days were warm and quiet. Occasionally Vanessa would go back to the store and help the store clerks to tidy up the warehouse.

Once or twice, a few people in the shop all know that Vanessa has a boyfriend. He is not only handsome, but also a very good trader. One by one, many clerks asked Vanessa for sugar.

John was very generous. When he met Vanessa, he brought several boxes of deb's galley chocolates. Several girls thanked him and wished him and Vanessa a long life together.

Vanessa was so funny that she couldn't help but say, "You don't have to be so generous, do you?"

"The client gave it to me, and I kept several." John smiled and touched Vanessa's head. "Rest assured, no one else is as important as you to me, my girlfriend."

Vanessa smiled.

John said he was going to take Vanessa to try crabs in Lotus lake tonight.

The crab shop was built on famous Lotus lake. In this season, lotus competed for opening in the pond, with sweet smell. Because John and the boss were old friends, they could get an outdoor place.

They didn't expect that they just followed the waiter to the open air, but unexpectedly saw Angie and William.

"Hi, Vanessa? Angie immediately ran over, shaking her cell phone and laughing. "I was just going to call you and ask you to come and eat crab, but I didn't expect you and John to come. What a coincidence!"

"Yes, it is." "John said, reaching out to Vanessa and holding her in his arms.

"Why, your girlfriend is my bestie, why hug so tightly?" Angie laughed and scolded. Not to be outdone, she pulled Vanessa to her side.

Vanessa had no choice but to let Angie drag her to their table. After walking into the room, she looked into William's eyes casually. His deep eyes made Vanessa's heart tremble and she put her head aside in a panic.

Yes, just after two short weeks, how could she forget him so easily?

Angie sat next to Vanessa and said she liked crabs very much. She begged him to come when he was not busy. John smiled and said, "Really? Vanessa likes crabs so much that I take her come."

"Really?" Being surprised, Angie looked at Vanessa. "But Vanessa, didn't you say you didn't like crabs?"

"When will she not love, just because the crab is too difficult to peel, and they also dirty hands. "John says, placing his napkin lovingly on Vanessa's lap. "You don't get that when you have William to help you peel."

Angie rolled a big, white eye at John. "Hey, John, if you are like this, believe it or not, I'll take Vanessa away from you? Always choke me, do you want to fight!"

Vanessa smiled. "Well, don't argue."

"Vivi is my bestie, always supporting me..." Angie hummed and took Vanessa by the arm, saying that she would bring Vanessa to eat alone next time and help her peel crabs, which made Vanessa feel very funny.

William didn't speak the whole time. He sat quietly with her thin lips pressed together.

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