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"Yes! "Vanessa laughed and jokingly said, "You don't have a girlfriend and I don't have a boyfriend. We are just fine together. Besides, we are even old friends."

When John stopped dead in his tracks and took Vanessa by the hand, Vanessa was shocked. "But I saw in your eyes that you still like William."

"I..." Vanessa forced a smile and didn't know what to say, but John threw his arms wide open and pushed her into his wide chest. "I like you, so I can pretend that I can't see something," he said.

"I can give you time to forget him, but you have to remember, you are now my girlfriend, you can temporarily do not like me, but cannot have anything to do with him, otherwise I will be jealous, ok?

He looked like a kid who didn't get candy and seemed to be a little upset. Vanessa couldn't help but smiling. She stretched out her hand and held him tightly. She slightly wanted to cry though she didn't know the reason..

With such an excellent man still in love with her, why can she do remember William?

Vanessa and John said goodbye. When she got home, she got a call from Angie, complaining about her leaving. She said excitedly, "Vanessa, I'm with William again, do you know that?

Vanessa said, "I know. I see."

"You don't know. I thought he'd refuse, just because he was so cold to me the other day!" Angie snickered. "This guy loves me so much, but he still waits me to say like this!"

Angie asked again, "Did you go with John? How was your conversation?"

"Not bad." Vanessa said, pretending to be relaxed. "I'm with him now. Wish us well."

"Oh dear! Dear! You are so quick!" Angie shouted, happily: "I don't care, you must ask me and William to have dinner someday. Well, end here and I have to go back with William."

"Well, be careful on the way."

Listening to the beeping sound of the phone, Vanessa felt restless and wanted to break the phone.

Why can Angie call Will so intimately and naturally?

William has a great reputation, and no one in the legal field does not know her. She founded a lawyer's office three years ago, and has accepted hundreds of cases but failed in none. She is the best among all lawyers.

William is famous in law, and many lawyers do know this person. Three years ago, after establishing a lawyer's office and taking hundreds of cases without failure, he is the most outstanding lawyers who is often reported.

Just took Angie to the lawyer's office in the morning, three hours later countless news came out, then two more intimate photos also let the reporter's speculation become a truth, the famous big lawyer finally has a girlfriend.

In the face of media reports, Angie also graciously took photos, laughing and said that she and William were originally lovers, but they separated for some reasons and are now back together.

"Wow, we did not think about they are each other's first love!" Clerk Komatsu is very excited about the entertainment news and asks Vanessa, "Hey, Vanessa, do you have your first love?"

"No! "Vanessa said, putting her phone over her desk. "Don't use your phone so much at work.

"But I think William is very handsome, still young and promising. Ah, he is in persistence to first love, even they have broken up so many years, then still can be together. Why outstanding man do not belong to us?"

Vanessa smiled and said nothing.

This is Angie. She wouldn't have the honor, would she? Otherwise, why they have been together for three years, she can only secretly with him together?

Vanessa suddenly didn't want to live in that neighborhood, either for fear of meeting Angie or for other reasons.

The next day, she got up early and made a reservation with the moving company. Then she called John and asked, "Please, John, my house is due. Can I stay with you for the time being?"

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