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Later Angie hurried to the background to prepare, and a group of students heckled, said if not for William, who can see the performance of the school beauty queen?

Vanessa pretended not to hear. The sweet orange petals were so sour in her mouth.

William's birthday was in collision with Christmas, so when she was studying at school, Angie would hold a party for William to celebrate his birthday under the pretext of making her classmates communicate better.

At that time, William was full of smiles and indulgent to Angie. They kissed each other under the hubbub of countless classmates and did not separate until they were out of breath. Vanessa was watching in the crowd and felt very hurt.

Even if she had been with this man for three years, she had never seen him smile as tender and beautiful as he had at the beginning, and more often there was only a kind of alienation in her eyes.

In a trance, Vanessa heard the students around her screaming and whistling as hard as they could.

When she looked up, she saw Angie, wearing a flame-like skirt and holding a red rose at her lips, dancing tap dance under the applause of the audience, fervidly and unrestrainedly, she didn't know how many men's hearts that Angie had won.

Vanessa thought that such a beautiful and bold Angie would be the most suitable for William and would be loved by him.

"Vivi?" Vanessa seemed pale. John asked in a low voice, "Is everything all right? Shall I take you to the infirmary?"

Vanessa shook her head and asked John, "John, do you still like me?"

John didn't hesitate a second. He smiled and nodded.

"Like, always like, but I'm afraid you will not give priority to me."

"Really? Then let's go out." Vanessa said, holding John's hand and pulling him down, her trembling red lips against his. She closed her eyes and her heart seemed to be shaking.

Across the street, William clutched the cup in her hand. If he had more strength, he would have burst the cup. He stared at Vanessa with deep eyes and didn't know what he was thinking.

By this time, Angie had finished dancing on the stage, and the hot dance drew applause from the audience.

Angie held the microphone tightly, looked this direction, gasped a few times and then said with a smile, "Actually, today I am selfish, just want to tell the person I like..."

She suddenly pointed to William and exclaimed, "William, I like you, I love you! Can we start again? I want to be your girlfriend and be with you!"

"Wow, what a passionate confession! Together!!!! Together!"

The crowd cheered, cast their eyes to this side, clapping and heckling, waiting for the hero's reaction.

Angie was waiting anxiously and expectantly.

Amid the crowd's jeers, William rose to his feet, facing Angie, and his thin lips curled slightly. His voice barely audible above the applause, and most of them heard, "Yes."

Angie froze for a moment, then screamed, throwing away the microphone and running off the stage. She rushed into William's arms like the wind.

Vanessa turned her eyes away from the piercing scene and said to John with all her strength, "I'm not feeling well. Can you take me home?"

"Well." John picked her up and walked away.

far away from the busy area, Vanessa asked John to put herself down.

By this time, it was nearly 6:30 p.m., the sky was slightly dark and the temperature was cool. Everyone was celebrating on the playground.

For a long time, John finally broke the silence. "Vanessa, are you serious about what you just said?"

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