Home / Chapter 10 Do you acknowledge our relationship?
There was a gasp among the schoolmates.

"Excuse me, I'm going to the bathroom." Afraid of being caught and questioned, Vanessa found an excuse to escape.

Vanessa didn't breathe a sigh of relief until she crossed the hallway to the bathroom.

She had just entered the bathroom, the wrist was suddenly caught, and she was back against the door, William put a hand on the side of her head, coldly said; "You're blocking my phone?"

"Probably accidentally pressed it." Vanessa mumbled, trying to get out of his way, but William grabbed her hand. "Block my phone and delete WeChat. Vanessa, you think I'm a kid?"

Vanessa raised her head and looked deeply into the eyes she had been fascinated with for several years. She brewed the words in her heart for a long time but did not dare to say them. This time she asked, "William, do you like me?"

When asked, she saw shock in William's eyes, as if he had been surprised by the question.

Vanessa twisted his fine brows and said, "Vanessa, after we've been together so long, do you need me to say this?"

But after being together for so long, have you admitted our relationship?

Vanessa has a difficult heart.

See, this guy calls her Vanny when he's in love, but he doesn't even call her Vanny when he's not in love.

"William, I'm tired of our relationship." Vanessa pushed his hand away firmly and calmly said, "You can't give me a satisfactory answer, and I don't like it anymore."

William was a very sober man, and because of that, he was able to excel in the legal profession. He was silent for a moment and then said, "Fine, suit yourself."

He pulled the door open and went out quickly. It's gone. It's like I've never been here before.

Vanessa dragged her almost stiff legs to the sink, turned on the faucet, poured water on her face, and looked up at her wet but pale face in the mirror.

She was still hoping that if William could say he liked her, she would do everything for him, be willing to spend a lifetime to get her bestie's forgiveness, but he didn't. He was just shocked.

What a cruel man! She has been with him for three years and he has never admitted her.

Yeah, she deserves it she likes him.

At three o 'clock in the afternoon, the anniversary of the school officially began. The students of this session of junior on the stage to perform. The hot dance and wonderful magic attracted the audience. And then the president also speak lively on the stage.

Angie pulled William and John to the table, saying that there was seat for them to play together. The other students saw Angie sitting next to William, and they all knew it and greeted him warmly.

Vanessa smiled faintly and did not look at anyone. She kept her head down and concentrated on opening oranges.

"I'll do it." He took the unopened orange from Vanessa's hand. The orange peel made his hands look extremely long and durable.

Vanessa didn't insist. She nodded, "Thanks."

"I beg your pardon."

John didn't want the atmosphere between them to be so stiff, so he talked with Vanessa about some interesting things in Britain, which made Vanessa laugh. Later, they chatted with each other and became very close together.

Opposite, William had stared at Vanessa in deep eyes.

"Would you like to eat, William?" Angie handed the orange peel to William and said flatly, "The president said they were picked in the garden this morning. It was very sweet."

William lowered his head, and ate the orange segments with Angie's hands. Angie felt muddled for a while, and then suddenly felt sweet, thinking that the man like herself surely. He was just too stubborn to express his love.

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