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If she was the former Bella, in front of the strong aura of James Grayson, she must be very nervous and maybe panicked at this question. In the past, Bella often find no place to hide when James Grayson confronted her.

On the contrary, this Bella was calm.

Bella smiled and said, "This thought is confusing the chief?"

James Grayson's eyes were fixed on Bella as if he wanted to examine her every changing expression. But there was no fluctuation in expression. Her speech and her expression were totally calm. She had a calm and a mild smile.

"Is it true?" James Grayson asked and his deep eyes were still at her face.

"The past is like the wind. No one can hold it. Why does Chief want to hold the wind? Loved, or never loved, for us, there is no point in discussing it. Maybe, it's just from one side?

My belief is with the passage of time. Such impetuous thoughts will fade away with the past." Bella spoke calmly.

"Don't beat around the bush. I just want to know was there anything?" James Grayson was serious. He seemed upright and ruthless.

Bella paused for three seconds, and then clearly refused, "No."

"Simple! I don't think there was any need to say such nonsense. Is it interesting? Or do you think I have a lot of time to listen to you?" James Grayson looked at her with an inexplicable anger.

Bella knew that more words would be equal to more mistakes. She just used a psychological method and didn't argue with him, "I'm sorry."

In fact, she just wanted to cover it up. With eloquence, she covered up their own feelings.

James Grayson looked out of the window.

It was raining outside and raindrops were hitting the window.

Bella looked out of the window, too.

Both of them didn't speak. The atmosphere inside the car was quite. It was filled with the depression of people sitting inside. Their hearts were uncomfortable, just like the rainstorm outside.

After a while, they reached the gate of the sanatorium. Bella got out of the car.

James Grayson's men helped her take down her luggage and gave her an umbrella. Bella did not refuse. She nodded and dragged the suitcase.

James Grayson kept staring at her in the rear-view mirror until he couldn't see her. Then he took back his eyes. His face was deep and unfathomable.

Bella met with her mother's doctor first. She asked about her mother's situation, and then went to meet her mother!

Three years ago, Kate Andrew didn't recognize people, but she could talk to her pillow and smile a little. However, at this time she was just holding the pillow. Her eyes were empty, fuzzy and unfocused. She was staring at the ceiling in a daze. There was no expression on her face.

The doctor said that she had been out of order. She just kept lying in bed most of the time and sat up occasionally.

David Wilson arranged two special nurses to take care of her. She was completely abnormal, but she still looked clean.

Bella sat in front of Kate Andrew. But Kate Andrew was still numb and motionless as if she hadn't seen any person.

"Mom, I'm Bella," Bella said softly.

Kate Andrew did not respond.

"How is Richard Johnson?" Bella asked again.

Kate Andrew slowly looked at Bella. Bella pulled out the corners of her mouth, and her eyes turn red.

Sad reality! There was still only Richard Johnson in her mother's heart. There was no daughter. She was nothing.

"He's fine. We danced together yesterday." Kate Andrew said seriously.

"On which music?" Bella asked in a relaxed voice, pointing gently at the table, making a regular and sincere voice.

"It's the Red Danube. It was in the evening. The sun was setting, and half of the sky was dyed red. He reached out his hand and hugged my waist. His steps were light and slow and we danced for long." Kate Andrew's face showed a long-lost smile.

"Yes, I have seen you. You two looked so beautiful together. He loves you so much. He also gave you a box, did you open it to see, what was in it?" Bella asked while taking back her hand.

"It's a diamond. He proposed me. He finally proposed me. I'm so happy." Kate Andrew said cheerfully and stood up.

Bella also stood up and stood behind her. "Not only a diamond, there are two diamonds. What's the matter?"

"What's the matter?" Kate Andrew made a losing move and jumped back in fright.

"It means he proposed me twice?" Kate Andrew was puzzled.

"Twice. Have you ever divorced?" Bella asked.

"Divorce?" Kate Andrew panicked, her eyes were frightened, her face was ferocious, she covered her head and murmured, "That bitch, she robbed my man, I will kill her."

Kate Andrew looked at Bella fiercely and held her neck with both her both hands.

Bella was still very calm, "In the end, you have won, Richard Johnson proposed you twice."

Kate Andrew stopped and said, "Yes, he proposed me again. He had divorced that bitch."

She looked at Bella in confusion, "Who are you?"

Bella smiled, "Mom, I'm back. I'm Bella."

"Bella, are you Bella? Hey, where have you been? I haven't seen you for a long time." Kate Andrew hugged Bella.

She held Bella so tightly that Bella felt some pain, "Mom, now you have me, things will get better. I am sure that I will bring dad back to your side."

"Really? Your father still likes me?" Kate Andrew held her face and asked surprisingly, but her tone was doubtful.

"Don't forget that you are the first beauty. In order to marry you, he broke up with his family. You just need to clean up yourself and become as beautiful as you used to be." Bella said with a smile.

"Yes, yes, I'll take a bath. I'll wash my hair and I'll do makeup." Kate Andrew wept with joy.

Bella sat down and tapped on the table. "Can I help you?"

"No, I'm not a child. I can do it myself." Kate Andrew took her clothes and went into the bathroom.

Bella gently smiled, walked to the window, and looked at the rainstorm that hasn't stopped outside. But this time her eyes were clear.

The doctors and nurses outside were stunned. In the past years, Kate Andrew had never uttered a single word. She wasn't able to do anything but now she can find her own clothes to take a bath.

Is it the power of kinship?

Kate Andrew came out of the bathroom. Bella blew her hair dry, patiently did a delicate make-up, and took photos of Kate Andrew with her mobile phone.

Kate Andrew was also satisfied, "send it to your father."

"Don't worry." Bella put back her mobile phone and held Kate Andrew's hand. "Mom, I think you're not in the best shape now. We won't send him this time. Try to improve yourself to win dad back. Otherwise, I'm afraid, there will be no expected result."

"What should I do?" Kate Andrew asked Bella.

"Stay healthy, eat, read, be the best you can be, adjust for a year, and leave the rest to me."

"Okay, Bella you must have to help me." Kate Andrew pleaded.

Bella smiled, "Obviously, I will help you."

Kate Andrew talked a lot about her past. She had a clear mind. Bella listened patiently. After speaking a lot Kate Andrew was tired. She made her own bed and went to sleep.

When she fell asleep, Bella came out of her room.

Paul Watson stood at the door and said with a smile, "I came here today to ask my mentor to help me and I heard about a brilliant psychologist. So I came here to see. I must say, your skill of hypnotism has reached its peak.

Welcome back, Bella. Your arrival has solved my most urgent need. I have something important to tell you."

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