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They met again, as if in another life.

The air hostess continued to broadcast, but no doctor came. The pregnant woman was getting more and more nervous.

Bella squatted in front of the pregnant woman and asked, "You remember the time of your last periods or when you conceived?"

James Grayson looked at Bella, and a surprised look passed through his deep eyes. "Is that you?"

Bella looked at James Grayson. "Four years ago, I was a gynecologist. Don't worry. I will ensure the safety of mother and baby."

Bella said this because of pregnant women. Only after relaxing the mood of pregnant women, she can do this delivery smoothly.

As expected, the pregnant woman's mood calmed down.

"I had a B-scan ultrasound a week ago. The fetus is very good, and the position of the fetus is also positive. There is no umbilical cord around the neck. The doctor suggested that the fetus can be delivered smoothly." Eliza said.

"Are you giving birth for the first time or the second time?" Bella asked calmly.

"My sister is giving birth for the first time. Her husband is an American. Now he is on a business trip, so I am taking her back home." James Grayson explained.

Bella looked at James Grayson lightly. She remembered that he had no sister.


"The amniotic fluid is broken. In different situations, the pain and the time of delivery can be changed. It's normal to give birth within 24 hours. Now, please put her on space chair." Bella thought carefully and said.

James Grayson picked up the girl and put her on the space chair. They adjusted the chair and it was almost flat.

"Chief, please find two air hostesses to come in, so you won't be bothered here. If you want to have a rest, you can go to C1, which is my seat." Bella said calmly.

James Grayson immediately turned to go out. After a while, he walked in with two Air hostesses.

"Do you have any anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers or scalpels on your plane?" Bella asked the Air hostess.

"Yes, I'll bring it now." One of the Air hostesses said, "Go get what she wants."

"Go get a clean detoxified blanket and prepare a basin. In addition, there should be chocolate on the plane. Give me those pieces." Bella said to another Air hostess.

"Doctor, it is paining." The pregnant woman screamed.

Bella sat next to her and said softly, "it's the first time you've come across this kind of situation. It's normal to be nervous. Even if you will be lying in the hospital bed, you will still be feeling the same.

Take it normal. The family around you will take care of you. You can feel that the baby's head desperately wants to come out. Just think that your family goes to call doctors and nurses. Don't be nervous. "

"Doctor, how long will it hurt? I won't faint? I had watched on the TV that it is too painful." The pregnant woman was sweating and said nervously.

"It's painful to have a baby. But you have to face it with a positive attitude. In fact, in foreign countries, many people are born at home. They invite a doctor to come to their home. The pregnant woman lies in the bathtub, and the main role is to relieve some pain." Bella said softly and smiled to relax her.

Pregnant women gradually relaxed down.

"There's a very interesting legend. It's said that a little baby hurt her mother for a long time, but when he comes out, he has great strength and can hold scissors. Many people say that the more painful the mother feels during a baby's birth, the more filial and successful the child will be in his life." Bella comforted her.

"Really? Thank you, doctor. I am feeling better." The pregnant woman was in a good mood.

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