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Bella smiled. "It's your business to move stones. It's my business to not fall. I don't need to see the scenery that I've experienced before. The world is very big. I want to see it."

"Than... can we become friends? At least, you can make me your friend." David retreated and asked for the second place.

"I don't think my future husband likes me to get along with my ex-husband as a friend." Bella said coldly.

"So what do you mean by not hating me, not blaming me? You want me to completely disappear from your life? Then it will be better to hate me." David Wilson was not ready to let her go.

Bella didn't speak anymore. She leaned on the seat and looked out of the window. If others want to hurt her, she can avoid them without even saying a word.

After all, she was a person who didn't fear death, how can she fear these little heartaches?

Bella had become invincible.

David Wilson had no way to deal with her but now he could feel Bella's pain. In the beginning, she loved him, but he didn't care about her.

If Bella was mad like him. He couldn't last a minute.

How did Bella survive in those three years?

"Bella, I'll wait for you for three, ten, thirty years." David Wilson said.

This was the last sentence he said to her when she went to America.


Time flies...

In almost three years and some months, Bella got a doctoral degree in psychology. She was the best student in the eyes of her tutor.

In the eyes of students, God exists.

Her hypnotism has peaked. During her three years of stay in the United States, she also helped the FBI to solve four sensational cases, among which one case caused a sensation all over the world.

The name of Bella, for a time, has become famous in the industry.

The FBI sent an invitation. The school wanted her to stay. But she chose to go back home. Because she promised Paul Watson to work for him for five years.

On the day she returned home, she didn't inform anyone. She bought a first-class seat and came back. In addition to studying, she worked part-time in a clinic for three years. The school gave her a lot of scholarships.

After making a name for herself, she handled many cases of many rich patients. She had 5.2 million in savings and didn't want to treat herself badly.

The first-class seats were luxurious. Besides lying down, the seat also has a massage function. The TV on the top was clear. The box had shockproof and sound avoidance functions. The air hostess provided special services.

Bella elegantly cut the steak, enjoyed the red wine, and listened to the soft music.

This year, she was 28. She had been married, divorced, experienced two love, and now she was single.

"Emergency call, ladies and gentlemen, there is an emergency. There is a pregnant woman in a serious condition. We need a doctor, a gynecologist." suddenly Bella heard an announcement.

Bella put down her knife and fork.

She hadn't touched the scalpel for four years and had some worry that she couldn't do it. She went to see if there was any other doctor.

She opened the box door and saw a pregnant woman lying on the ground.

The woman was holding James Grayson's hand.

The amniotic fluid was broken and her expressions were very painful.

"Eliza, don't be afraid. There must be a doctor." James Grayson tried to calm her down.

Bella didn't expect that they would meet in such a way.

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