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It has been said that time heals every wound.

How long does it take to forget pain?

How long does it take to forget someone?

What road should she take in the future?

How many jobs she has to go through to find the best one. She wanted to go abroad, to study psychology. She knew that she was ill and had a great mental illness. She can't rely on others. She wants to rely on herself to save herself.

Going abroad costs a lot of money and those schools are also not accessible to anyone.

American psychology is much more advanced than her country. Their advancement and developments are 20 years ahead than her country and their psychological clinics have been spread all over the country. They see psychology as common as taking medicine for a cold.

After getting discharged, Bella called Paul Watson.

She told him that she wanted to go abroad and wanted to join the best school of American psychology for further study. She hoped that Mr. Watson can help her in this regard. After completing her studies, she promised Mr. Watson to join his Psychological Research Institute for a period of time.

Paul Watson was very generous he immediately agreed.

Bella went through the procedure of leaving the procuratorate and entered Paul Watson's Research Institute. She was good at learning and soon passed the IELTS.

In March, she went through all the formalities and was ready to go to the United States.

Paul Watson, Amelia William, and David Wilson came to see off her.

"You wrote it down the cell phone number? When you will reach there my alumni will receive you and will arrange accommodation and school for you. Americans are very open-minded. They are fond of the girls like you." Paul Watson's meaningful reminder.

Bella smiled. "Mr. Paul Watson, are you afraid that I will find a husband over there and won't return back? Don't worry, I signed the contract to work with you for five years. I will come back."

"Bella, remember to video call me every week. I will come to the United States to meet you when I have a month off. Take good care of yourself. If someone pursues you, don't be stingy. It doesn't matter if you talk to them and don't marry them." Amelia William advised Bella.

"You too. Find a good man." Bella also advised Amelia William.

She looked at David Wilson.

David Wilson had a lot of words to say to Bella, but his words choked in his throat. He had an excellent demeanor and could talk happily, but today he can't even speak. He never fell in love with a woman.

Now he knew what it was like to fall in love with someone.

"David Wilson." Bella opened her mouth and called out his name. "From now on, you don't owe me anything."

Amelia William looked back at David Wilson. She still didn't like David Wilson very much. Because what David Wilson did before was too disgusting.

David Wilson watched Bella entering the waiting room, but he couldn't say a word. However, he did something to make Amelia William angrier.

David bought a ticket to the United States long ago. It was the same flight as Bella, but he bought the first-class seat. He used that ticket to change the position of the people besides Bella and sat beside Bella.

Bella looked at him in surprise.

"I have a villa in America. When you go, you can stay in my villa. If you like, I can transfer it to you." David said softly.

Bella was calm. "David Wilson, I don't hate you or blame you, but I can't fall in love with you again."

"Will you fall in love with James Grayson again?" David Wilson tightened his eyebrows.

"No." Bella said and paused, "Maybe I'm not smart enough, but I understand that if we can stagger once in a place, we can stagger again and I don't want to fall again."

"Then I will remove all the stones from your road and keep you safe." David Wilson promised.

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