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James Grayson has lost his memory. No one knew who took him from there. Even if you find that man, do you think James Grayson's parents will give me that child? It will like another knife in my heart." She said so calmly as if she was not talking about her own child.

"I'll help you get the baby back." David Wilson said sincerely.

"You cannot get a reward from my side, what do you want to take away from me?" Bella asked rationally and didn't trust David Wilson at all.

"I don't need anything. I love you, Bella. I really love you." David choked.

"Go out, I want to have a rest." Bella closed her eyes indifferently.

David didn't dare to leave. He was afraid that Bella would do stupid things as soon as he leaves.

He called and asked people to buy osmanthus cake and egg porridge. But Bella didn't eat it. He called Amelia William with the hope that Amelia William can persuade Bella.

Amelia William heard the news of Bella's suicide and hurried over. She saw Bella lying on the bed. Bella's left wrist was covered with gauze, and her right hand had a drip. Amelia William's eyes turned red, and she shed tears.

"Bella, why you did this? You didn't think about me" Amelia William came in.

Bella opened her eyes and looked at Amelia William. If this world was worthy of a little bit nostalgic, it would be due to Amelia William.

"I'm sorry," Bella said softly.

Amelia William leaned on her bed and cried.

David Wilson left the room, but couldn't dare to walk away. He leaned against the wall.

Emma Johnson called him again. It was the twelfth one. He didn't want to answer it. He hung up.

"Bella, you can't leave me like this." Amelia William begged, "You are my best friend."

Bella looked at Amelia William and wiped her tears.

Amelia William didn't stop crying, "Don't do stupid things in the future, understand?"

Bella did not speak. Amelia William held Bella's cold hand. Bella didn't promise.

"Bella, there's nothing after death. It's a dark world. No one, no light, no water, no friends. Don't die." Amelia William cried.

Bella looked at Amelia William with deep eyes.

"You are not afraid to die. Why are you afraid to live? Bella, when you die, I will be very pitiful. You know, I am usually careless, but I speak too straight. No one is willing to be my friend. They all say that my EQ is too low, and I can get along with people. I just have you." Amelia William said sadly.

Bella's eyes had some fluctuation. It turned red and she promised, "Okay, I will not die."

Amelia William hug Bella. "Bella, what do you want? I'll accompany you. I won't make you feel lonely. I'm not good. I shouldn't let you go to Walem alone. I'll go wherever you go in the future."

"I want to go abroad," Bella said.

Amelia William looked at Bella surprisingly. "Go abroad, where?"

"Looking for right the direction of life," Bella said lightly.

Amelia William asked worriedly, "You want to go abroad to commit suicide again? The security of foreign countries is very bad."

Bella shook her head. "I promised you to not do it again. I will never break my promise."

"I'll go with you." Amelia William was not at ease.

Bella smiled, "You have this phone. You can contact me. Technology has made the whole earth a global village. I want to travel alone."

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