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"Doctor Hader, there's a heartbeat." The nurse pointed to the machine and said.

David held Bella's hand and put it on his lips. His tears rolled down and fell on the back of Bella's hand.

"Bella, please don't die." David choked. He said this to himself and looked at Bella's pale face.

Even while sleeping she looked beautiful.

Beautiful and unique, the one and only.


Bella was awakened by the burning pain on her wrist and opened her eyes.

Her eyes were still filled with tears. She looked at the white ceiling. And in her nose, there was the smell of disinfectant. She knew this place.

While dying, she felt no pain but as she woke up, in addition to heartache there was also a wrist pain.

Buddha said that people in the world made mistakes for the purpose of achieving temporary benefits. But after paying back for them one can achieve peace.

She has made too many mistakes in her previous life that still hasn't paid off!

"Bella, you are awake. Are you hungry? I'll ask someone to buy you your favorite sweet cake and congee. I remember you like preserved egg congee." David said with a smile.

Bella looked at David Wilson, she was calm. "You... take me to the hospital?"

David's eyes were red, and he panicked. He was scared because she had decided to go. The hospital can save people who are seriously ill, but they can't save people who made up their mind to leave the world.

"Have you forgotten your child?" David asked with a choking voice.

"What I want to forget the most is myself." Bella turned her face and looked out of the window. It was dark. She couldn't see anything outside except the darkness.

"Maybe your child is suffering now? Don't you want to save him?" David Wilson asked worriedly.

There was no expression on Bella's face.

He was afraid that something bad can happen. He turned around walked to Bella's side and sat on the chair close to her bed.

"Bella, I promise you that I will help you find your child. I don't need you to marry me. I just want you to be happy. What I am saying is true. If I force you again, I will die."

"David Wilson, even with your power and approach you can't find it in such a long time. Maybe the child is dead." Bella said rationally.

"No, the child is not dead yet. I've got a clue. When you gave birth to your child, those people came there to rob your child. I doubt it's related to James Grayson." David said in a deep voice.

"He didn't know about the child," Bella said.

"I found out that he was drugged by people from terrorist organizations. He ran out of there and met you in the wilderness. He was out of his senses and forced you to have a relationship with him.

You fainted and so did he.

But after that, someone took him from there. The person who took him knows his relationship with you. He can be the one who looks after you all the time and robbed your child?" David Wilson guessed.

Bella drooped her eyes. Her long lashes covered her eyes. It turned out that James Grayson forced her because he was drugged.

"Since that man saved James Grayson, he would be kind to his son. His mother is unlucky. Maybe it is good for the child to stay away." Bella said quietly.

"Don't you want to watch your child growing up?" David twisted his eyebrows.

Bella slightly raises the corner of her mouth and looked at David Wilson's face.

"Things cannot be like the way I want.

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