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There was no traffic jam on the road at two o'clock. In 20 minutes, David reached Richard Johnson's house.

Emma Johnson put on a delicate makeup and received David Wilson. "David, you are here."

David Wilson smirked an evil but a little indifferent smile, "Your father is home?"

"How can my father be at home at this time? He's not the boss of a company like you who can left work anytime. I haven't seen you for several days. What were you doing recently?" Emma Johnson asked enthusiastically.

"I am busy with work. Why don't you start to work with me from tomorrow, help me share a little burden?" David Wilson entered the room and looked around. His eyes fall on Bella's door.

"I don't want to. I'll go to your place. You stay too busy, I will be bored there. I want to stay at your home and will take care of the money." Emma Johnson was very happy.

David Wilson's eyes flashed a disgust. Bella never asked him for money. Even when he gave her, she didn't take it.

"Yes, you are the lady of the house." David Wilson sweet words flattered her, and he sat on the sofa, "how long has she come back?"

Emma Johnson knew that David Wilson's words referred to Bella.

"When I called you. Bella is so pathetic that she didn't come out after entering the room, as if we all owe her. I don't want to stay in the same house as her. I'll leave as soon as possible. I don't want her to come back to this city. I feel annoyed just by seeing her face." Emma Johnson said.

David's mind was thinking that Bella hasn't answered the phone all the time and had a bad premonition. He walked to her door and knocked.

It was quiet inside.

"David, what are you doing?" Emma Johnson was suspicious.

"Come out, Bella. I have something to tell you." David twisted his eyebrows.

"What you have to do with her?" Emma Johnson didn't understand. She looked at David Wilson but he ignored her. She was angry.

"David Wilson, you and she are divorced. He is a woman your wife doesn't want to see. I don't think you should have contact with her." Emma Johnson was really displeased.

David knocked harder.

"Come out, Bella. Don't you want to know it all the time? I really have a clue. Open the door for me." David Wilson's tone became a bit louder than before.

But there was still no reaction in the room. David Wilson's eyes flashed a panic, and he hit the door.

"What are you doing? David?" Emma was shocked by this strange behavior.

But it seemed that David Wilson could not hear Emma Johnson's words, he stepped back and rushed to the door.

The door's lock was smashed, and the door bounced.

David saw Bella lying on the bed.

Bella was sleeping peacefully, and blood has stained half of the bedsheet and her dress.

David Wilson panicked.

He never thought that a strong girl like Bella can commit suicide. She was fine when he saw her before. What forced her to commit suicide and come back to Richard Johnson's home?

He agreed to divorce Bella, but he never wanted her to die.

He went to Walem city to see her. At that time, she looked strong, proud, and arrogant as always. By looking at her, he never realized that she can do such a thing.

If there is really white moonlight in the world, she is the one who touched his heart.

David's hand was shaking, and he hugged Bella.

She seemed to have no life. Her arms fell down. He took Bella in his arms and rushed out. He put her in the front seat and drove the car. He couldn't hear any sound, but he was scared and sadness was about to collapse him.

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