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As Bella walked out of the train station, Amelia William waved her hands and shouted happily, "Bella, my girl is back."

Bella looked at Amelia William and smiled. She hadn't seen her for nearly half a year. Amelia William was still the same as before, lively and cheerful.

Bella walked towards Amelia William.

Amelia William took her luggage and put it in the trunk. "Bella, I haven't seen you for a long time. You are more beautiful than before."

"It's like eating honey every day when I'm with you. You're prettier than before." Bella and Amelia William hugged each other.

"But you still left me alone and went to Walem." Amelia William complained.

Bella's eyes darkened. "Somethings, after trying hard, we come to know that we can't do it and for some people, after staying away we figured up how much we miss them."

Amelia William was amused. "Thank you for comforting me. Stay with me tonight. We haven't been together for a long time."

"Okay." Bella sat in the car, put on the seat belt and looked out of the window.

The city had not changed much.

"You are really cruel. After leaving the hospital, you did not contact me. I was so sad. I thought I had lost my friend." Amelia William said coquettishly.

"You are my only best friend. I was too busy and got no time to contact you." Bella comforted her.

"When will you come back permanently? I miss you so much. Don't go back to Walem."

James Grayson knew everything about Walem and Athens Village. Even if she didn't go, he will send someone more capable than her.

She really didn't need to go back.

Bella leaned against the window and stared at Amelia William. "Have you found your boyfriend?"

"Ah, I entered the military region with the hope of finding a boyfriend. But, there is a tigress in the military area, every time she just asks me to do a lot of things. I didn't get time to see my officer. I just see a group of black guys but couldn't see their faces clearly. The point is, it seems there is no handsome guy." Amelia William was really disappointed.

Bella smiled. "Luis Taylor is very handsome."

"No, that man is just an embroidered pillow filled with grass." Amelia William denied Luis Taylor directly.

"So, our Amelia is looking for a man with good inner qualities, like a soldier?" Bella joked.

"Yes, I want to have the opportunity to understand such a person! But the work in the military region is very hard and strict. Many places are not allowed to go. Many higher officials seem to be very busy, I can only reach some of the soldiers of the lowest level at present. But the point is, I don't even have a chance to communicate with them.

I want to meet James Grayson. Even in a military region, it's hard to approach the senior officers, let alone talk to the officer at a higher level." Amelia William complained.

"It is about fate. One don't have to ask for it." Bella said casually.

Amelia William looked at Bella and wanted to ask about James Grayson. But she noticed that Bella didn't want to mention James Grayson. She pressed down and didn't ask.

In a moment Amelia William took Bella to a new restaurant.

"This restaurant is now a well-known restaurant. The only Michelin 3-star restaurant in the city. For coming here, one needs to make an appointment in advance for at least half a month." Amelia William stopped the car and said.

"It seemed that you have used an unusual method." Bella used Amelia William's words.

"It's not true. I booked it half a month ago. I decided to come here alone. But when you told me you are coming, I got this idea to come here with you." Amelia William replied.

Bella smiled.

There were a lot of people in the hotel, and a lot of people were waiting for their seats at the door.

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