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In the past, James Grayson was very kind to her and protected her several times. He lost his memory in an accident. If that day James Grayson has died, she will also have killed herself without hesitation. She was ready to follow him all the way.

However, James Grayson is still alive. He just lost himself.

Even if she dies, she still cannot find James Grayson. She can only let him go.

"It's not related. Maybe we both like to cut fingers." Bella said coldly.

"I have checked the information. This mission involves the case of Athens village. Do you know about it?" James Grayson continued.

"It started with the fall of a governor named Bradley Trammell. He was murdered. Someone suspected that it was you. So, in order to prove your innocence, we went to Athens village. The person who killed Bradley Trammell was Gabriel Athens. He is the son of Athens village's head. From there we got the proofs of how the villagers were slaughtered. You have that proof in your mailbox." Bella said softly.

"I told you everything about it. You and I should be acquaintances. But you are very indifferent to me." James Grayson found it strange.

Bella said coldly, "It's natural. When chief Grayson will check my background, he will know that I had been married, divorced, and my mother is mentally ill. Such a life is the reason to be not optimistic, lively, and indifferent to anyone."

James Grayson's eyes were colder.

"I think you can cooperate with me in this case, can you?" James Grayson asked.

"No, it was there because of your memory loss. Now that you have come back, it's time for me to leave." Bella said rationally.

For half a year, she was very clear about her own things.

James Grayson has Vivian Denzel. He didn't need her. She didn't want to be involved with him either. She cannot bear to be this much sad every day. Her life will become worse than death.

She was afraid that one day, she will become the next Kate Andrew.

"If you need anything, ask Vivian Denzel. She will tell me." James Grayson said, turned around and started working on his laptop.

Bella did not look at him and closed her eyes. James Grayson didn't give her his cell phone number directly, which showed that he also didn't want her to be in his life.

That's it. If you choose to let go, try to make yourself do it.

Yesterday, she didn't sleep. She was really sleepy and fell asleep in a short time.


She was woken up by someone.

Bella opened her eyes and found herself in James Grayson's bed.

"Train will reach in ten minutes." James Grayson reminded her.

Bella got up from his bed, went into the bathroom, washed her face, and came out.

She politely nodded and thanked James Grayson, "Thank you, Chief."

"Do you want someone to drop you back?" James Grayson asked.

"No, my friend will pick me. Thank you again. I hope you can make progress in the future, live a happy life and be healthy." Bella said what she wanted to say, turned around, took her luggage and left his box.

She stood near the window and looked at the scenery outside. She came back after a long time. Compared with Walem City, she felt a little more cordial here.

She raised the corners of her mouth slightly.

She came back to the place where she grew up, and when it comes to death, she wished to die in her hometown!

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