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"What technology?" Bella asked again.

Only experts can understand these scientific terms.

"It has been reported on the Internet before. It is mainly for the treatment of mental patients. There are a large number of mental patients who have been hurt emotionally, so they become confused and muddled.

In fact, it's a kind of self-protection to avoid the pain of making life worse than death. Experts believe that if they can extract this part of the memory that contains painful experience, they can cure people, slowly." Paul Watson explained.

"Human memory, how to extract that specific part?" Bella didn't understand.

"The principle is that the human brain is equal to a host computer. The main thing is finding the sad memory that is stored in the host computer and deleting it."

"How can these sad memories be found?" Bella asked again.

Paul Watson didn't expect Bella to be such a rational person, and unconsciously laughed out, "You are a person who takes so much stress about life, don't be too rational, it is okay to be a little silly."

Bella looked out of the window and ignored Paul Watson.

Paul Watson looked at Bella's beautiful side face, "There are some technical things that are not public, and this technology is not fully developed. It is still in the experimental stage. If you are interested, I can ask them to cooperate for psychological counseling, and when I will get the opportunity I will take you to meet them."

Bella leaned on the seat and closed her eyes.

Paul Watson, "..."

He kept standing for three hours... he cleared his throat and looked at her.

Bella raised her head, looked up at him, stood up and walked to the bathroom.

Paul Watson's face was strangely embarrassed, and he sat down on the seat.

Bella went to the bathroom but didn't go back to that place. She stood at the door and looked at the fleeting scenery outside.

She had read a report some days ago.

A 60-year-old married aunt has been created by a person and lost more than 600,000 yuan.

The other party said that she wanted a divorce, but the company's funds were frozen and she had to fight a lawsuit. The aunt borrowed money to give the lover whom she had never met before. In the end, she lost both, people and money.

No matter what, wrong will always be wrong.

If that aunt hadn't stepped on the bottom line of morality and hadn't ignored the pain of the other person's wife selfishly she hadn't suffered this. Now she had to endure the consequences of her own actions.

People should have self-awareness.

Why should someone love you, if you are not worthy of love?

It must be a sweet deception.

For her, James Grayson was a big temptation. In her eyes and heart, there was only him. For him, she forgot her identity, their status gap, and her sense of reasoning. She did marriage betrayal and crossed her own bottom line.

Now, she got the result.

No one will bear it for her. She had to bear it herself.

"How you can be here?" James Grayson's voice sounded.

Bella looked back and saw his cold and proud figure, his two clear and stern eyes with a trace of suspicion, examination, and defense.

Bella slightly raised the corner of her mouth, as if it had been ten thousand years, and said lightly, "I'm going home."

"You have a seat?" James Grayson asked.

"Yes." Bella nodded, passed by him and walked towards the other carriage.

James Grayson looked at her back with inexplicable waves floating in his eyes. He came forward and grabbed her hand.

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