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"You are a doctor. A successful psychiatrist. You come to Walem city on an official trip. You were on a date with your girlfriend and have had a relationship. Today, she came with you to see off. You are not very satisfied with her due to which you decide to go back earlier. You are a man who pursues life and enjoys life." Bella analyzed.

The man was surprised, "How did you analyze it? Your analysis is correct."

"First, you have a ring mark on your ring finger that shows you just got divorced, if you have any child, you must be worried. But you don't look worried.

Second, you're wearing a Patek Philippe watch. It's worth a lot of money. It means you must be successful in your career.

Third, you have a very slight smell of medicine. But your speech and way of speaking are not like ordinary doctors. Based on your analysis of me, I guessed you must be a psychiatrist.

Fourth, your body has a faint smell of some women's perfume and fat powder on your body, which can be seen in your face, clothes, and hands. This shows that you had that kind of relationship.

Fifth, you don't have much luggage, you are carrying just this briefcase, which most people carry during official trips.

Sixth, you have money, if you are going back according to your plan you have booked your ticket in advance but you are going by this train because you wanted to go back as soon as possible.

Seventh, there are no expressions of worry on your face, you don't worry about work or life, but you talked to me very eagerly that revealed your nature about chasing women. That's how I did this analysis." Bella explained.

The man wasn't angry at all, but he was very surprised. He stared at Bella.

"In the field of psychology, I know very well-known and capable people. In recent years, I have also met many new students. But I have never seen you before. You are really beautiful and impressive." He was very curious.

Bella lowered her eyes.

Psychology! She attended the classes for this major for a year when she was a university student. She thought she had learned enough.

But facts proved that theory alone is not enough.

After losing her child, she suffered from extreme depression and went to see a psychiatrist.

She knew psychology and self-hypnosis. She considered herself very rational, clear and able to see through many things.

But reality proved that complacency is just because of ignorance, because one doesn't know anything they began to feel complete.

Even a doctor couldn't cure herself.

"What's the matter? If you need my help, you can come to me. In addition, I welcome people like you to work in my hospital. I hire them with a high salary." The man noticed Bella's expressions and handed his business card.

Bella received it and took a look.

Paul Watson- International Psychological Expert, Deputy Dean of Psychological Research Institute, Negotiation Expert and Psychological Guidance Professor at the military region.

The two words of the military region were like a hammer that hit her heart heavily.

She put his business card in her bag.

"I gave you a business card, won't you give me one?" Paul Watson asked softly.

"Sorry, I don't have a business card. I will contact you if I need it. I hope there will never be such a day." Bella smiled a little but her eyes were sad and fleeting.

Paul Watson looked at Bella and stood up again. "Now that we know each other, sit down, and I'll tell you a method to quickly forget the past."

"What method?" Bella sat down and asked curiously.

"There is a method called hypnosis, which can be divided into three types, self-hypnosis, compulsory hypnosis, and pathological hypnosis. You can forget some unhappy memories through compulsory hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Now experts in the United States have developed a more advanced technology. At present, it is in the experimental stage. And it will help in hypnosis treatment."

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