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Bella couldn't sleep and kept watching different videos all night.

She saw many kinds of funny shows, new play and saw a movie named Mulan.

Hua Mulan has been on the battlefield for twelve years and has gone through various wars and lost many friends. She fought side by side with Prince Wentai and achieved success in the war. In the end, for the sake of peace, Wentai married Princess Rouran and became emperor.

But Hua Mulan never married.

After watching it, Bella felt even more painful, she sat on the bed and silently looked at the room. She thought about her future, about what she should do now if she could also forget everything and try to live again.

In the morning, Bella brushed her teeth and washed her face. She looked at herself, there was big dark circles under her eyes. She hypnotized herself and tried to forget last night.

Life has to go on.

She had things to do.

She did a little makeup, put on a foundation and covered her dark circles, applied high gloss powder and lip gloss.

After the New Year's Eve dinner, everyone was very lazy at work.

Bella continued to sort out letters and materials. She wanted to keep herself busy, so much busy that she didn't get time for heartache.

At ten o'clock, the director came to look for Bella, and his face was very solemn. "Bella, someone is looking for you."

"Who is it?" After looking at the director's face, Bella estimated that the person looking for her must be a big man.

She couldn't figure out who can come to meet. She followed the Director and went to the director's office.

Eight expressionless people stood at the door of the director's office. The first reaction in Bella's mind was related to the army.

Did James's parents know that she met James Grayson last night?

She opened the door and went in uneasily.

James Grayson was sitting in the director's seat.

He looked the same as always, rigid and upright man. Even while sitting, his posture was straight and erect, and his fierce eyes seemed like an X-ray, that penetrated into her body to see her soul.

Bella was very surprised that James Grayson came here to find her.

"You?" James Grayson was also surprised.

Bella tried to stay calm. She lowered her eyes and said, "How can I help Chief Grayson."

"Last night, I had dinner with one of my old comrades, and he mentioned you." James Grayson asked tentatively, there were no emotions in his eyes.

Bella thought he must be talking about Director Jacob of the armed forces.

"What did he say?" Bella asked.

"He asked me about the last task. He said that Bella didn't contact him after that, it should be finished till now. But you are still here, so he asked me. I asked you to do something before?" James Grayson asked suspiciously.

Bella thought that this must Vivian Denzel's best chance. Maybe, after this, Vivian Denzel and the team will leave her, but she can't be selfish.

"You assigned a secret task by yourself. You have deleted some people's information to help you carry it out secretly. However, now you have lost memory and don't remember it."

"Do I really have such a mission?" James Grayson frowned and looked at Bella's face.

"Although you lose your memory, but you have a secret archive of your department where you can find their information," Bella said rationally.

"And you? I sent you too?" James Grayson's eyes flashed a puzzle.

"No." Bella's heart was aching. "I have several connections with the chief. You think I will be appropriate for this, so I also participated in it. I'm not from your military region."

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